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Australian Money Investigation | Money Word Problem | Year 1


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This pack is designed to provide you and your students with a fun and interactive way to practice maths skills using Australian notes and coins. The pack is made up of 8 “Who am I” problems to solve. Each answer is recorded on the top of the next question to complete.

Problems focus on identifying Australian notes and coins (5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2, $5 and $10) according to their value and features. This resource has been carefully created to meet ACARA standards and will build proficiency, fluency and confidence when recognising Australian money.

How this Pack Works:
Introduce the investigation to your students (set the stage to engage).

Display each of the 8 problem cards around your classroom + give each student a recording sheet.

Allocate students to a problem to begin working on (it does not matter where students begin because the scavenger hunt/investigation is set up in a loop.

Students work on each problem by reading/solving it. They look for the answer to the question by looking at the note and coin combinations on the top of the next card. When they find the one that matches the answer they are looking for, they begin working on the new problem underneath (if they cannot find the answer, this indicated to the student they have made a mistake and need to attempt the problem again.)

No further teacher prep needed, simply print and use!

*Teacher Differentiation Ideas
*Investigation – set the stage to engage (see preview)
* 8 self checking word problems
* Recording sheet
* Challenge task
* Answer guides


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Year 1 – 2

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