34. How to Inject Fun Into An Upper Primary Classroom with Jess Stedman

How to Inject Fun Into An Upper Primary Classroom with Jess Stedman

There are loads of fun and cute ideas out there for the early years in primary school, but how can we keep our upper primary students engaged in their learning?


Today we are joined by Jess Stedman, otherwise known as The Sydney Teacher online, and she shares her teaching philosophy with us. She takes a deep dive into how we can create hands-on, open-ended and engaging classrooms for learners in Grades 5-6. 


Jess is passionate about providing lots of opportunities for her students to move, engage in conversation with each other and collaborate together as they learn. She offers advice about the different ways that you can do the same in your classroom. 


We also dive into fun lesson ideas such as thinkers keys, escape rooms and problem-solving that will encourage that ‘buy-in’ from your upper primary students. 


Jess is a passionate teacher and this conversation is one that will have you feeling inspired to go out and give some of her philosophies a go.


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Resources mentioned in this episode

Connect with Jess on Instagram @the.sydney.teacher or through her website thesydneyteacher.com

Kagan Cooperative Learning 

UNO card Maths Packs for Grades 5-6




About today’s guest:

Jess is a Sydney-based primary school teacher, mum and TpT Author.

Jess uses her experience as a teacher of both lower and upper primary grades, as well as her experience teaching students across a range of diverse backgrounds, to create resources that engage all students in your classroom!

Her aim as a teacher has always been to motivate learners through creating innovative, creative and engaging lessons. This week on the Rainbow Skies for New Teachers Podcast, Jess shares exactly how she does this in her classroom. 

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