35. Let’s Talk about Embedding First Nations Perspectives in the Classroom With Lesley Woodhouse

Let’s Talk about Embedding First Nations Perspectives in the Classroom With Lesley Woodhouse

In this insightful episode, we are joined by Lesley, a passionate advocate for integrating First Nations perspectives in education.

Lesley shares her expertise on how educators can move beyond the fear of being ‘tokenistic’ and truly become allies. 


We delve into practical advice for teachers who are nervous or uneducated about First Nations cultures and discuss the powerful impact teachers can have, especially for children from families that are not allies. 


Lesley also highlights her efforts to support teachers during NAIDOC Week and shares what this year’s theme, “Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud & Proud,” means to her.


With NAIDOC Week just around the corner, this is an important episode to listen to and share with a colleague. 


We also would like to formally invite each and everyone of your to join Wingaru’s NAIDOC webinar with Kylie Captian from Dream Big Education and be that teacher who makes a difference!


You can access more help with embedding First Nations perspectives on our blog and Wingaru’s blog. 


Rainbows ahead,

Ashleigh and Alisha


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About Wingaru Education:

Wingaru means ‘to think’ in Darug, the language group of the family behind Wingaru Education.

Our mission is to change the way Australia thinks and talks about Aboriginal People and the issues impacting our communities through supporting a greater understanding and shared knowledge within the wider community.

Proudly Aboriginal owned and operated on Gadigal Country, Wingaru Education specialises in the design, creation and implementation of digital education resources and software. 

We believe education plays a vital role, not only in closing the gap in outcomes for Aboriginal people but also as the basis for true reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Check out Wingaru Education here. 



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