Fun with Division: Engaging Grade 3 and 4 Students

Teaching division to Year 3 and 4 students can be tricky – it is one of those concepts that they find hard! 

As teachers who have spent many years teaching Grades 3 and 4, we’ve got you covered with some fantastic resources and creative ideas for students to have FUN with division. 

Whether your students are struggling or you want to add some excitement to your maths lessons, these practical tips and resources will help you create engaging division activities.

So, Let’s Dive into 4 Fun with Division Ideas

The ‘What’s the Answer’ Division Activity

Teaching division might not always garner the same enthusiasm as multiplication, but our FREE “What’s the Answer” Division Activity can change that. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

1. Bus Stop Task

Set up a Bus Stop task where students move around the room, recording their answers on the posters provided. This interactive approach encourages physical engagement and helps students understand division concepts.

Division Open ended questions freebie

2. Race to Solve

Print the same poster four times and have a race to see how many questions one group can complete in just two minutes. This competitive twist adds excitement to division practice.

3. Mini Prompts

Print the sticky note templates included in the resources. This allows students to have their own mini posters to complete in their Maths books, which can serve as handy reference materials.

Division open ended problems FREE


4. Exit Tickets

Use the Exit Tickets provided as a quick check-in before or after a lesson to assess students’ understanding. It’s a great way to gauge their progress and identify any areas that need further clarification.

Division exit ticket

Grab your FREE COPY here.

Fun Division Games

Games are great fun, and they don’t always need to be complicated. As teachers, we are usually very quick to turn to games for multiplication fluency. Division games can be fun and super effective in developing fluency because they involve repeated practice.

Division Games


Our collection of time-saving Division Games that have received rave reviews from fellow teachers:

Teresa, Grade 4 Teacher: “I loved how easy it was to get these games ready and how engaging they were. My students are always excited to play (practice!) the games.”

Division Wars Game

Lisa, Grade 3 Teacher: “Perfect resource to help students work with their fact fluency. Students enjoy the games with their peers. Easily implemented in the classroom.”

Sarah, Grade 4 Teacher: “I love incorporating games whenever possible in my classroom. My students needed more practice with division in a fun, non-graded way. This was perfect for building division fact fluency.”

Division spinner game

Grab your copy here.

Boost Division Skills with Fun Activities

To further enhance division skills and keep your students engaged. Here are four creative activities you can incorporate into your lessons (we like to include one activity like these listed in our Maths Centres or rotations):

1. Manipulative Magic

Accompany the division activity with manipulatives like blocks or counters. This hands-on approach allows students to visually understand and prove their answers, making division more tangible.

Math Counters. Source: Canva

2. Pattern Hunters

Encourage students to create a series of division questions that follow a pattern. This activity not only tests their understanding but also promotes critical thinking and pattern recognition.


3. Go Big with Calculators

Challenge students to come up with the largest number question and have them verify the answer using calculators. This adds an element of friendly competition while reinforcing division concepts.

Pink Calculator: Source Canva

4. Silly Word Problems

Add a problem-solving twist by having students create silly, funny, or outrageous word problems related to division. Collect these word problems for future lessons, allowing students to see their creativity in action.


More Division Game Ideas – Spot the Number

If you’re craving even more ways to make division exciting, check out this fluency game that combines multiplication and division recall in a fun and hands-on way!

Spot the number multiplication and division game


  1. Print out the multiplication and division algorithm cards and the accompanying board game (this game can be played independently, or with 2– 4 players).
  2. Players take turns to flip over a multiplication or division algorithm card and try to spot the answer on the game board.
  3. Once found, they cover the answer with a counter on the game board and place the algorithm card in the discard pile.
  4. If students can’t find the answer, they turn the card back over, and the next player takes a turn. The winner is the person with the most counters on the game board.

Spot the number game RSC

Get your copy of the game boards here.


With these resources and creative activities, teaching division to Grade 3 and 4 students will become a breeze. Remember, a touch of fun and interactivity can go a long way in making math lessons memorable and enjoyable!


PS: Don’t forget to grab your FREE ‘What’s the Answer? Division Activity’ here.

Freebie Division open ended question task


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