7 Terrific Kmart Hacks for Teachers

Like most Aussie teachers, we can’t resist a good Kmart hack and shopping spree.

But what truly excites us is uncovering ingenious Teacher Kmart hacks that can be applied in the classroom. 

This is not our first blog post dedicated to shopping at Kmart – but we are back again with more of our faves.

Our mission at Rainbow Sky is to support teachers and not send them broke shopping at Kmart, so proceed with caution! 


7 Terrific Kmart Hacks for Teachers

1.Shoe storage turned Hydration Station

This hydration station was a massive hit on our social media channels. Say goodbye to those drink bottles constantly falling over on your student’s desks!! 

We found the shoe storage from Kmart for $10 and it was the perfect solution. 

Teacher note: Connect to the wall or a door using something strong. We recommend 3M Velcro or something similar. We started out with Blutack, but it wasn’t strong enough once the drink bottles went in. 

Kmart hacks for teachers

We’ve also seen shoe storage being used to store students’ headphones or extra stationery supplies. 


2. Makeup palette book stand

When I first saw this makeup palette holder for $5 my mind started racing with all the different ways you could use it in the classroom. Here are four different ideas: 

  • A charging station for your class iPadsKmart Hacks for teachers
  • A themed book station
  • Storage for easily accessible Maths games 
  • A place for familiar readers

Kmart hacks for teachers

3. Magnetic Whiteboard containers

One of my all-time fave finds and Kmart hacks! These container magnets are super strong, and they provide perfect storage for all sorts of things on your classroom whiteboard.

Teacher Kmart Hacks

Use this kmart hack to store essential items such as:

  • Whiteboard markers
  • Daily timetable 
  • Lost glue lids
  • Magnetic MAB or other manipulatives
  • Tasks cards 
  • Back up supply of pencils + scissors
  • Exit tickets for the week
  • Nurse/office slips
  • Coin collector on donation days

These are $2.75 each and are well worth every penny!

Kmart Hacks for teachers

4. Future World Changers display

One day while shopping at Kmart I came across this photo bunting and it immediately sparked my inspiration! 

I paired it with our free ‘Future World Changers’ letters, and it is an instant display celebrating your classroom community. In this example, I used student drawings BUT if it were up in my own classroom I probably would include photographs of my students.  

Kmart hacks for teachers

“Such a positive and warm welcome to all that visit our classroom. Thank you so much for such amazing inspiration” Teg

Try this Kmart hack and grab our Future World Changers letters for FREE here.

5. Magnetic tape

The first time I discovered magnetic tape, it was at Kmart! This Kmart hack will not disappoint any primary school teacher.

Kmart hacks for teachers

Get a ruler and put a line of magnetic tape on the back. Then use the ruler in centres where your students use magnetic numbers and letters. This hands-on approach can be used for all grades (yes, even the big kids).

Kmart hacks for teachers

Here are some ideas:

  • Word work: Spelling CVC words, working on spelling patterns, making words plural, adding suffixes and prefixes
  • Segmenting words
  • Recording numbers from words to numerals
  • Creating number sentences 
  • Making number patterns 

Kmart hacks for teachers

6. Teacher Organisation Caddy

This one is for all our fellow teachers who love a good aesthetic! Is there anything better than having all your favourite stationery stored together in a way that is pleasing to the eye?!

We picked this turntable from Kmart for $9 and filled it with all the tools we need daily. Look how pretty this teacher Kmart hack is!!!

Kmart hacks for teachers

7. Gone fishing multiplication game

This Kmart hack has been another major hit on our socials. The game can be adapted for all sorts of skills depending on the age of your students and what they are learning about. 

We have used times table fluency for our example. Watch this game in action here.

Kmart hacks for teachers

Now, before you rush off to your nearest Kmart, be sure to check out our other Kmart hacks (you don’t want to have to make two trips!).


Best Kmart Hacks Part 1

Mother’s Day Craft impaired by Kmart

Student gift inspo from Kmart 

Rainbows ahead,

Alisha and Ashleigh




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