5 Mother’s Day Craft Ideas : Inspired by Kmart

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by making your mum a thoughtful and creative gift?

If you’re short on ideas or on a budget, don’t worry, because Kmart has got you covered (don’t they always)!

With a little creativity and some items found at Kmart, you can create beautiful and unique Mother’s Day crafts that your mum or loved one will love. So, let’s get started and make this Mother’s Day one to remember!

1. Nail Polish Dipped items

In full transparency, we were not sure if this would work – but we told our community on TikTok we would share even if it was a fail!

The good news was the process was a LOT easier than we anticipated. One of our children (3 years old) got involved. It was that simple!

We also wanted to test a few different items to find out what surfaces worked best, and they all turned out great. No particular surface was better than the other.

Mother’s Day

How to create:

RaYou will need some cheap nail polish, room temperature water, a container that you are happy to throw away, some gloves (optional) and the item you are decorating. Watch how we did it here on TikTok.

We are in love with the finished product. It was quick and could easily be done in the classroom. We recommend setting up a dipping station and having a few students “dipping” at one time while the rest of the class is working on something else.

Find the ‘All about Mum’ template for FREE at the end of this blog post.


Nail polish $2.25 each

Trinket plate $1

Unscented candle $7 for 12 (58c each)

Mother’s Day

Find the jar template here.


2. Mum Canvas

This one is also super duper easy and can be completed by kids of any age.

Students tape the word ‘Mum’ onto the canvas using tape. They then paint the canvas (older students could paint a design, and younger students can just get creative). The example below was done by my 3-year old.

Once the paint has dried, pull off the tape, and the artwork is complete!


$1.25 per canvas

(purchase in a pack of 5)

Mother’s Day

Find this ‘All about Mum/You’ templates for FREE at the end of this post.


3. Succulent mini pot plants

Another idea that is good for the budget are these mini pots.

Kmart has plenty of options for pot plants (including a cardboard craft option). We went with these terracotta pots because they were

1. Adorably cute

2. Have a hole in the bottom of the pot

For the terracotta pots, a small bag of soil is all you will need, and we actually got our succulents from our garden. Succulents grow easily from clippings, so if you have anything in your garden, the schoolyard or a friendly neighbour’s front garden, get picking. You could even ask students to bring in clippings from home.

We added the signs at the very end for a personal touch.


$1.18 per pot (purchase in packs of 3)

62c per sign (purchase in packs of 4)

Mother’s Day

Grab the ‘All about Mum/You’ templates for FREE at the end of this post.


4. Mother’s Day Love jars (or bags)

We often ask students to bring in a recycled jar for this activity, but if you are short on time, you can purchase jars from Kmart. This idea also works with a cute canvas bag (pictured below).

Mother’s Day

Once your jars/bags are ready, students fill them with messages of love for their mum (or special someone). The first year we did this, we went freestyle and let the students write whatever they wanted. Once we created scaffolded message tags, we found these gifts a lot easier to make.

Year after year, our colleagues ask about this activity, and the compliments always fly in from mums on the Monday after Mother’s Day.


Candy jars $1

70c per bag

Mother’s Day

Find our Love Jar printables here.


5. Creative cards

While wandering around Kmart looking for craft ideas, we came across these card cutouts. These would make a great alternative to a card you could pair with a homemade or bought gift.

Personally, I have already put one aside for my Mum and Mother-in-law!


$2 for a pack of 40 – we would recommend 2 packs because some cutouts are better than others!

5 Mother’s Day Craft Ideas : Inspired by Kmart - Rainbow Sky Creations


There you have it, some fun and easy Mother’s Day craft ideas that you can make using items found at Kmart. Happy crafting!

Mother’s Day

Before you go, click here to get a FREE copy of our ‘All about Mum/You’ template. It is exclusively free on our blog.


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