Back to School Round Up

There is soooo much to think about when we are preparing for Back to School. So much so, we have written lots of blog posts that feature helpful back to school information – from money saving tips to classroom decoration hacks to things to do with the kids to starting off on the right foot.

We thought the best way to help teachers was to put all these posts in one place, easy for your reference. If you are looking for back to school inspiration, tips, or help, then you have stumbled across the right little corner of the internet! Plus, we have included an exclusive freebie at the end.

We have broken the posts into sections to make it easy to navigate:

Classroom Setup

Classroom display and setup hacks

Preparing your classroom – Should, Could and Don’ts!

Expert tips to help setup your classroom

The Place Value Posters every classroom NEEDS

Set your classroom up with this resource

Getting Organised

Getting your Wardrobe Ready for Teaching

5 Resources for Organised Teachers

8 things I do to get ready for Back to school

The most simple and effective class job system ever

First Week Back

Easy Back to School Activities

5 Icebreaker Ideas for the Classroom

Awesome Back to School Read Alouds

List of Diverse Books for Aussie Teachers

Books to help promote Growth Mindset

Teacher Tips and Back to School Help

Advice for Job Share Success

A list of essential routines to Teach Kindergarten

Questions to ask when you are moving to a new school

How to find quality resources on TpT

Ways to save money this back to school season

Back to School MATHS inspo

3 Easy to Implement Place Value Activities

How to Make a Strong Start in your Maths teaching

Top Tips to teach Number Sense Well

6 Strategies to help create Maths Lessons your students will love

Back to School LITERACY inspo

8 Tips for Efficiently Running your Reading Groups

Literacy Group Activities for Primary School

The 3 Most Common Mistakes Teachers make when Running Reading Groups

Casual Teacher help

What is in our Casual Teacher Bag

Tips for Casual Teachers

A FREEBIE that might be helpful for you

Especially for New Teachers

The Secret Weapon to Surviving your First Year

Letter to a New Grad teacher

A FREEBIE that might be helpful for you

Free Resources:

About Me Activity (Paper & Digital)

Acknowledgment of Country Poster

Kindness Classroom Banner

Friendship Bucket Filler Activity



We promised a freebie at the end of the post and we always deliver on our promises.

Recently, Alisha shared her weekly task list with our Facebook Group – New Aussie Teachers – and they went crazy for it!


This free weekly checklist template is what we use to stay organised and save us time in the classroom. The aim is to jot down those weekly tasks you do week in and week out during the term to save your brain from thinking about what you need to do.

Simply write them down and print multiple copies or laminate a template. Then place it somewhere where you can see it, such as your teacher planner, on your desk or pinboard next to your workspace. As you go through the week tick off the tasks. We like to leave a couple of rows free to write any urgent tasks that pop up in the week.

Find your free copy here!

Back to School Round Up - Rainbow Sky Creations

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