Why Teachers are the Ultimate Influencers

Pop culture is all about ‘The Influencer’ on social media – in fact, you might even have students in your classroom that want to grow up to be influencers.

Not familiar with the term influencer? An influencer is someone who has a social media presence and has the power to affect the decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with them.

So, what does this have to do with teaching? We believe that teachers are the original and ultimate influencers and here’s why:

Why Teachers are the Ultimate Influencers - Rainbow Sky Creations

We know our Stuff!

Influencers in social media are people who have built up a reputation for their expertise and in-depth knowledge on a specific topic. Teachers are highly educated and always learning. Parents come to us for advice, students learn from us, and perhaps most importantly, we teach and support each other.

We Deliver Content Creatively

One thing influencers do is draw their audience in by creating content that people can connect with. Teachers are professionals at creating connections for their students and can do it across a range of learning areas and platforms. Our lessons are more than ‘Chalk and Talk’ – they involve YouTube, interactive games, songs, apps, class discussions, digital resources, reflective activities, fun games (and the list goes on!)

Teachers are Thought Leaders

A thought leader is a trusted person who inspires others with innovative ideas and helps guide them towards success. This is our role as teachers all wrapped up in a pretty bow. Our role is setting students up for a lifetime of success.

Why Teachers are the Ultimate Influencers - Rainbow Sky Creations

We have Large and Engaged Audiences

By audience, we mean class! Having 25-30 little minds in our hands is a big responsibility. It is important our engagement levels are high, learning is meaningful, and we nurture the relationships with the students in our classroom. When our engagement levels are high, learning is at its optimum!

We have a group of Loyal Fans

No one knows loyalty and idolisation like a Kindergarten teacher in a primary school. Parents are often saying, “Can you ask my child to do…. they always listen to you!” Take advantage of this loyal fan base!

We know Design and Decor

Teachers are extra skilled when it comes to creating a space where children want to learn. Have you seen some of those classrooms on Instagram?

We Open up Opportunities for Curiosity

One of our roles as teachers is to provide our students with experiences they may not get in their home life. This could involve providing opportunities for social justice, taking them to see a show at a theatre, or providing lunchtime clubs such as coding, knitting, or choir. When students see their teachers engaging in interests and hobbies this just may be the first step for a student to discover a unique talent within themselves.

Teachers Change the World

As a teacher, you have a unique opportunity to influence the future. Teachers are special, teachers are change-makers, and teachers make a difference in our world.

Interested in the influencer world? Check out some of these ‘famous’ teachers on Instagram. They use their influence to empower teachers to love their jobs and create awesome learning experiences for their students:







Why Teachers are the Ultimate Influencers - Rainbow Sky Creations

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One more thing before you go…

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