A FREE Place Value game your class will love

Mathematics can often be a challenging subject for students, but the right approach can turn it into the most enjoyable part of the school day. Introducing our Place Value game that your students are bound to LOVE!


Today, we’re excited to share an innovative and engaging way to practice and play with place value in your classroom, courtesy of our collaboration with @someones_miss_honey on Instagram. 


Ashley from @someones_miss_honey discovered one of our most popular freebies and transformed it from a simple Place Value game into a series of fun tasks that help students with a range of Maths and number skills – we were so impressed.


We explain how she uses it to cater for her students below but she also explains herself in this reel.Ashley showing her FREE Place Value Wars game in a IG reel

The best part of this free game is it can be played all year round, making Maths learning both fun and continuous. Click here for your copy. 


This Place Value Game provides Easy Differentiation

Place Value Wars is a versatile game that can be tailored to different grade levels. 


Its flexibility allows educators to adapt it to their students’ needs, ensuring an inclusive and engaging learning experience. 


The game is available for four-digit, three-digit, and two-digit numbers, making it suitable for a wide range of primary school classes. 

Free Place Value Wars Game FREEBIE

Ashley’s Versatile Game Setup

What we love about Ashley’s approach is she takes this one game for place value and turns it into a series of activities for her students to complete to build their number knowledge and fluency. This is her step-by-step instructions:


  1. Materials Needed:

  • Uno cards (without skips, reverse, draw four cards) or regular playing cards (without jokers and face cards)
  • Whiteboards and markers for each student
  • Enthusiastic learners ready for a math challenge!

Free Place Value game


  1. How to Play:

  • Students pair up and face each other.
  • Each student flips over four cards.
  • Students read the cards aloud, emphasising correct place value usage.
  • They organise the cards to create the largest number possible.
  • Each student announces their number and then rearranges the cards to form the lowest number.
  • Students write down their final number on their whiteboards.
  • To deepen the learning, students round their numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand, practicing essential skills while reinforcing understanding.
  • Taking it a step further, students subtract their largest numbers, honing their subtraction skills and strengthening their mathematical abilities.

A FREE Place Value game your class will love - Rainbow Sky Creations

Access your free copy here. 

It isn’t just Ashley who loves this game, this is what other teachers are saying:

“This game was a hit with my students. Thank you for including different game board versions-3 digit, 4 digit, etc. My students loved using the Uno cards to build numbers.” Amy


“My students loved this Uno activity. We use it during our math centers. Students were so engaged! I even have students playing with the Uno cards and these mats during choice time.” Suzanne


“I love this! It is so engaging and a perfect activity to do during our centers work” Kristi


“My students loved using this resource as a fun way to review place value and comparing numbers! It was such a challenging, engaging activity and a nice change from the basic worksheets!” Christy


“Students were so engaged and wanted to keep playing even after math centers was over. Super simple an easy to use.” Jennifer


“My students love these low stress, high engagement activity cards. Great resource.” Stacey

Free Place Value Game. Image - @miss.tzintzunImage from @miss.tzintzun

Place Value Wars isn’t just a game; it is a valuable tool in your teaching arsenal that you can use throughout the school year. 


We’re grateful to Ashley from @someones_miss_honey for sharing this innovative approach, demonstrating how educators can turn a simple game into a comprehensive learning opportunity. So why wait? Dive into the world of Place Value Wars and grab your free copy here.

Free Place Value Wars Game FREEBIE

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