The Secret Weapon to Surviving your First Year of Teaching

What if you could have a stress free first-year of teaching?

Just stop for a minute and imagine this…

    • Starting the school year with organised classroom systems ready for the groups of learners in your care
      • Already knowing all those tried and tested methods from experienced teachers
        • Having systems in place to inspire your class, build strong connections with students and be on top of behaviour issues that pop up
          • Feeling supported and inspired by a community of innovative new educators around you
            • Having a new teacher handbook that will save you tears, time and a whole load of energy
              • Always knowing you could get help when you need it

Well, we have some amazing news, you have landed in just the right little corner of the internet. Get ready to say goodbye to those, ‘Oh my gosh, what am I doing?’ first year feelings because we are here to help!

Teachers are a big deal!

Confession… throughout our careers so far, we haven’t always felt that way. The workload, overwhelm, parents, reports, the teacher down the hall that looks like they have it all together all the time!

But the truth is, you are a big deal and feeling overwhelmed and out of your depth is not the only way. It is possible to be a confident teacher with a toolkit and plan for when things aren’t going smoothly.

We firmly believe here at Rainbow Sky Creations that together we are better and that is why we want to invite you into our community of Aussie New Year Teachers. It is a safe space where you can learn, vent and ask ALL the questions!


Transform Your First Years – A membership designed to prepare and empower new teachers.

Now before we continue, we’d love to share a quick story with you.

Before Maria joined Transform Your First Years, she rarely invested in things for herself. As a first-year, things could be overwhelming when considering all the ‘teacher things’ at once. Maria was hesitant that a program like this could help her – price vs. value for money!

However, it wasn’t long before things changed for Maria. “From the first live with Ashleigh, I knew that I would benefit from the program, and it was great to have other people to turn to.”

This Program “has allowed me to connect with two very experienced teachers who have provided a space with no shame and the opportunity to be vulnerable about the worries we have as first year teachers. It has allowed us to have discussions or question ideas that we had never considered in the first place as well as providing a number of resources that have helped me get through daily life as a teacher. I would highly recommend it!”

What happened to Maria? Well, she scored another contract at her school this year and is so excited to dive into the new year with her new class and new strategies.

That’s pretty cool, right?!

The Secret Weapon to Surviving your First Year of Teaching - Rainbow Sky Creations

We totally get it; sometimes it’s hard to decide if we deserve to invest in ourselves or whether we should just power on and try to continue to survive on the struggle bus – because everyone before me has done it right?

We are here to tell you. It is not a rite of passage in the teacher world to feel like you can’t cope like everyone else. Like Maria, you deserve a helping hand (and so do the students in your class). If you are the best version of yourself, they get the best teacher in return.

Interested in knowing if Transform Your First Years is for you? Take this quiz:

Think you are ready to dive in? Click here for more details!

If you have gotten to this point in the post, we know you are probably interested in knowing a few more of the nitty-gritty details about TYFY.

By participating in Transform Your First Years, new teachers have been able to:

*Learn actionable and manageable ways to master everyday teacher duties

*Get clear on how to set up time saving systems, classroom management routines, efficiently plan lessons, dealing with tricky parents and so much more

*Develop organisation systems and checklists

*Build a streamlined strategy for classroom and behaviour management

*Design a plan for authentic assessment and reporting systems

Develop time management strategies and ways to cope when overwhelm sets in

*Be ahead of the crowd with access to our wildly popular First Year Survival Guide, Accreditation Guide and Report Writing Companion

*And so much more!

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Here is what is included:

Don’t just take how awesome TYFY is from us… we have helped lots of other teachers transform their teacher life from overwhelmed to confident. Wanna hear some of their stories?

Transform Your First Years “has given me the tools to improve my overall organisation. Feeling organised definitely makes me a better teacher for my students.” Member of RSC Mentorship 2020

“I have loved having people to talk to that may be experiencing similar things I am going through and getting tips and things to try that I haven’t thought of before.” Ellen Year 3 QLD

“Thank you both so much for all that you do! You are amazing and incredible for being able to help first-year teachers succeed and become amazing teachers just like you!” Ashley Primary School Teacher

If you are ready to move past the feeling of overwhelm and inexperience to a place where you feel energised, empowered, and confident, then Transform Your First Years just might be right for you!

We only open the doors twice a year. Click here if you are keen to sign up or join the waitlist.

Other Resources to Help New Teachers:

Looking for more help immediately? Here is a link to ALL the blog posts we have written especially for New Teachers. Find it here.

We also have a Facebook Group dedicated to helping New Teachers (in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of teaching). Come and join our community for more support.

Our First Year Survival guide has been referred to as a ‘teaching bible’. This resource will help you with tips, hints, strategies and ideas. We’ve collated notes, inspiration and relevant information you need all in one place so you can access everything at your fingertips! Grab it here.

Hopefully, we will see YOU inside Transform Your First Years!

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