The Place Value Posters Every Classroom Needs!

As teachers, we all have different viewpoints and theories on classroom displays. Some love to have all the things pinned up to create a warm and inviting environment for their students and others prefer their class to take ownership over the classroom décor.

Here at Rainbow Sky, we sit in both camps on this topic. We like to have some things up and ready for the beginning of the school year, as well as let students contribute to their work and learning along the way. No matter what camp you belong to, here is a place value resource you will definitely need up in your classroom all year round!





As we know, teaching students how the number system works is a vital foundation we need to lay for them to be successful in mathematics. Our favourite resource helps you teach your students to read, record and understand numbers and how they work! The only flaw is we WISH we had created it earlier!

Why these place value posters are so amazing?

Place value is the cornerstone of mathematical concept but can be a difficult one for students to master.

Once students make the links between our number system, it will unlock many other mathematical skills which are dependent on this solid understanding.

Place value requires explicit teaching and frequent revising for students to gain in-depth knowledge. That is why displaying these posters all year round will make a massive difference in how students learn about the base 10 number system.

Additionally, by providing a constant visual reminder, teachers and students can easily refer to them during daily lessons.

How is it relevant to different age groups?

The place value posters include decimals and whole numbers, ranging from thousandths to a billion. We like to begin by displaying the posters according to the numbers students are learning about, and add to the display as the year progresses.

For example, in Grade 3, we only start by revealing the ones up to the thousands, as not to overwhelm or confuse students.

Older grades may use more elements of the resource, and we have created it so you can add and take away elements as your students need it.

Use it as a stand-alone lesson:

In our opinion, classroom displays work best when used with the students during lessons. Included in the resource are digit cards so that teachers could create an ‘interactive’ component to the place value chart. Use the digit cards for creating numbers to use as examples during place value lessons. Alternatively, choose a ‘number of the day’ to work with as a fluency warmup or for learning activities.

(Psst: We’ve also been known to use it as a quick last-minute lesson. We all have those days, sometimes!)


What other educators say…

“This is hands-down the number/place value anchor charts you want for your classroom (especially for fifth grade)! It was an invaluable resource for me as I taught math this year. It helps the students to gain a deeper number sense and understand what’s happening to the number as you go from one end to the other-decimals and all! It provides visual representations of the number as well.” Angel


“I am using these in my 5th grade math classroom, but wish I would have used them also when I taught 4th grade. There are lots of options to customize these place value posters for your classroom theme.” Paige T

🧡 “Simple and easy to read. Love that there are base ten blocks to represent each place value.” Eden

💙 “Great visual! Fits perfectly above my whiteboard. Kids reference it regularly” Brittney

💚 “My favourite display in my classroom. So visual!!!” T Riffic Resources

💜 “My students use our Place Value display every day in math. It has been a life saver because instead of asking me for help, they help themselves!” Kaleigh

💛 “This resource was exactly what I was looking for to use as a resource in my classroom. The detail in this product provides a variety of uses & styles.” Kelly



Once you get these posters up and in action in your classroom, you will be wondering how you lived without them!

Find them here in a variety of colours and themes.




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