6 Simple Ideas That Feature The POPPY to Create Meaning in the Classroom

Each year ANZAC and Remembrance Day rolls around and I’m always looking for something a little different and creative to teach my students about the significance of these days. The poppy always features in my classroom because we make them to wear on our lapels for our school assembly. But I like to get more creative than that and give my students a lesson that will stick in their minds and create relevance for them and their world.

Here are six easy and creative ideas that feature the poppy, that you can use in your classroom, as a symbol of respect and remembrance:

Idea 1

Students colour them and pin to their lapel for school or home ANZAC day celebrations (Tip: laminate them and reuse for Remembrance Day).

Once you are finished wearing them, ask students to record something they are grateful for and put it on display in your classroom. These events are a great opportunity to encourage an attitude of gratitude among your students. (If you like this idea, you might check out our full poppy gratitude lesson).


Idea 2

Use as a stencil to trace the poppies onto crepe paper or colour paper, cut and glue poppies on a green watercolour background to make a ‘field of poppies’ artwork.

Poppy artwork

Remembrance Garden

Stick each student’s poppy onto a green straw and find a garden bed in the school to create a garden of honour or remembrance (this could also work using mason jars as vases along a classroom window sill).

Vase of honour

Idea 4

Create a class wreath using each student’s poppy OR give students a page of poppies to create their own ANZAC wreath.

ANZAC Wreath

Idea 5

Ask each child to colour a poppy and then arrange them to create a word (such as RESPECT, LEST WE FORGET, THANK YOU or ANZAC) to display in the classroom.

Words made of poppies

Idea 6

Repurpose the poppies to make a thank you card with special personal messages for family members or local veterans. This is a great way to make a connection with the larger community.

Poppy thank you cards



If you’re looking for other meaningful and relevant ANZAC Day or Remembrance resources…

Go all in with this 3D poppy lesson. It is perfect as a stand-alone lesson and can be used for a meaningful display in the classroom or around the school.

Remembrance Day 3D Poppy Craft

Click here for Remembrance Day resource


Anzac Day Poppy Display

Click here for ANZAC Poppy display

Need fresh ideas for teaching your class about Remembrance Day?

Grab our FREE Remembrance Day Lesson Guide.

Remembrance Day

Click here to download this Remembrance Day resource


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