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Proficient Teacher Accreditation Guide | Australian Teaching Standards


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Wondering where to start with your Australian teacher accreditation? The Proficient Teacher Accreditation Guide is the help you need! It is full of checklists, easy-to-understand information, and evidence examples to get you started. It is AITSL aligned and suitable for Aussie Teachers.

This resource will help you get organised and prepared for accreditation. It outlines what you need to do, who you need to support you, and how to achieve proficiency.

Proficient teacher accreditation is a process all teachers need to go through to teach and remain teaching in Australia. It is a way to govern and maintain high teaching and learning standards.

This guide will help you with the steps needed to obtain accreditation and become a proficient teacher. You will still require a supervising teacher at your school to advise you and sign off on your documentation. Additionally, you will need to double-check your state authority in order to ensure you have everything that is required for accreditation.

* Note: All States and Territories use the same teacher standards with slight wording differences. The standards in this document have been taken from AITSL.


Included in the Proficient Teacher Accreditation Guide:

•What is Accreditation?

•Helpful websites

•Documentation needed

•What do I need to do?

•Organisational Timeline

•Evidence Portfolio information

•Types of Evidence list

•Collecting evidence tips

•Printable sticky note templates

•Evidence Tracker

•Teacher standards overview and information

•Proficient teacher standards

•Evidence samples x4

•Proficient teacher standard Evidence and Notes pages

•Where to from here checklist

•Accreditation To-Do template

•Range of Organisational cover pages (7 designs)

Being a teacher is a wonderful vocation. This is just another step in becoming an effective educator.


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