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Measuring Angles | Acute, Obtuse, Right, Straight, Reflex


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Use this fun and engaging resource to teach students how to measure angles. Students identify and measure angles by investigating the number of angles found in their name.

All activity sheets included have been made on grid paper to assist students in drawing straight lines. A blank version of grid paper has been provided.

As an introductory lesson, the ‘right angle munchers’ have been included. When teaching this lesson we use the ‘munchers’ for students to check if the angle falls within the mouth (acute). Outside of the mouth (obtuse) or lines up with the mouth (right).

Each activity sheet includes a table for students to keep a record and tally the total number of different angles. Two versions of the table have been included with one version aimed to extend students who can identify reflex angles.



  • Demo worksheet with the word ‘ANGLES’
  • Two styles of recording sheets on grid paper. (Two versions of each style)
  • Blank grid paper with tables included
  • Right angle munchers (Two versions)
  • Template of protractors

No further teacher prep needed, simply print and use!

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“My 4th graders had fun using their angle chomper to measure the angles in their names. I had a few keep it in their desks to pull out when looking for right angles.” = Kathleen

“As a Primary relief teacher, this is a great resource to have up your sleeve for the upper years. Its fun and the students engaged really well with it. ” – Katie

“This was so fun! My students loved being able to create their names using angles. We posted our finished names out in the hallway and other grade levels love to see what my students have done! ” – Jasmine

“I used this with my EAL class as practice on how to measure angles. It was a good activity to do on a Friday. Thanks for this!” – Cindy

“Students who weren’t usually engaged in maths were SO engaged in this lesson! Gives them a fun little buddy to complete the angles activity with and is a great visual to determining what is greater than or less than a right angle.” – Miss GraceJay


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