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Math Exit Tickets | Math Exit Slips | Math Assessment | Number Sense Grade 2


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Our Math exit tickets for Grade to include 33 different Math exit tickets to assess your students understanding of number and place value as expected in Grade 2. Easy to implement pre-test, post assessment, lesson plenary or as class warmups. These math exit tickets encourage students to show their understanding and to assist in obtaining immediate evidence on how well students have grasped each concept.

How to use exit tickets?

– As a pre-assessment to obtain students prior understanding.

– To assist in organising needs-based learning groups.

– As a plenary activity at the end of a lesson.

– To assist in gathering data for report writing

OR Get creative and use them in other ways to compliment a lesson!

These exit tickets work well with our Hands-on Number Activities for Grade 2 .

Common Core Standards covered:

2.NBT.1, 2.NBT.1A, 2.NBT.1B, 2.NBT.2, 2.NBT.3, 2.NBT.4, 2.NBT.8

Australian Curriculum Outcomes covered:




– 33 different exit tickets with 4 different questions on each page, that equals 132 different questions.

– Black and white ONLY

– Differentiated questions



– Identifying number to 999 with MAB

– Partitioning 3 digit numbers in digit form

– Partitioning 3 digit numbers in word form

– State the value of 3-digit numbers

– Record numbers in words

– Read numbers in words and write the numeral

– Smallest and largest number

– Identify 3-digit numbers before and after (one more, one less)

– Identify 3-digit numbers before and after (ten more, ten less)

– Greater than and less than

– Odd and even numbers

– Number lines with 2-digit numbers

– Number lines to 100

– Number lines with 3-digit numbers

– Number lines to 1000

– Counting on the decade

– Counting off the decade

– Skip counting forwards and backwards by 2’s and 5’s

– Skip counting forwards and backwards by 3’s and 5’s

– Rounding to 10

– Rounding to 100

-Teacher checklist/assessment recording sheets for each Exit Ticket (please see

separate file for an editable version)

– Answers


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