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Digital Word of the Day Templates | Vocabulary Activities


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Our Digital Word of the Day templates has been designed for you to use with your students to engage them in learning about words, spelling and how words work in the English language.

Prefer a paper (print and go) version? Find it here.

They have been created, so you can use them with any chosen word. Each template includes a range of appropriate spelling and word work skills to help develop competent and confident readers and writers in your classroom.

We have included a range of templates that cover different skills expected according to the Australian ACARA outcomes and the Common Core Standards.

Use the different worksheets to focus on particular skills, differentiate or provide variety for your students.

Ideal to use during distance / remote learning, as small group work, morning work, whole class tasks, homework activities. or in 1:1 classrooms.

How this Pack Works:

Once you have purchased this resource, it will appear in your google drive. Simply share with your students (Google will force them to make a copy) and off they go. We have included more details about the techie stuff in the teacher guide.

This resource includes student-friendly directions and a glossary at the beginning, making it easy for them to complete independently.

There are opportunities for them to type and answer open-ended questions related to the word of the day.

NOTE: If using an iPad, you need need to have the Google presentation app


  • Teacher Guide
  • Assessment checklist (for Teacher use)
  • 8 interactive Word of the Day Templates

How to use these templates:

There are so many ways you can use these templates in your classroom or homeschool. As a spelling activity, summative assessment, lesson warmup, literacy rotation task, whole class modelled task, or revision lesson. Some teachers have even been using them as morning work to build and strengthen their students word work. They also provide an effortless way to differentiate for your students who are working to master different skills.

These templates are an authentic opportunity to integrate student voice into your literacy lessons, with students working on words of their choice.

This is a resource that you will repeatedly use throughout the year and can be adapted as your students grow. If you creatively use this resource, we would love to hear about it so we can share it with our Rainbow Sky community.


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