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Ask Me Badge Template [Free Download]


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These ‘Ask Me’ badges are designed to assist your students in practicing facts or ideas to create fluency and proficiency in a fact or concept.

They were originally created for additional mastery of maths facts (in particular timetables), however, we have added spelling themed badges and the “Ask Me” badges could be used for a range of other topic areas (for example: “Ask me to name 3 verbs” OR “Ask me to name the 7 continents”.

We highly suggest creating one badge per student and laminating them. Then allow students to take responsibility for their badge by using a whiteboard marker to record the fact/idea they feel they need to work on. When badges are laminated they will survive longer but the question can easily change by erasing it and adding something new once it has been mastered. Again, students can take charge of this aspect, giving them control and responsibility for their learning.

Badges can be pinned to a student’s collar or worn on a lanyard so each time they cross another teacher, student or family member’s path they can ask them their ‘question’ and they can practice it over and over in a fun and consistent way.
Personally, we like the students to use lanyards as this gives the badge a V.I.P appeal!

Simply print, laminate and attach badges to a lanyard or pin and the students can take responsibility from there. No further teacher prep required and your students will no doubt LOVE learning their facts this rigorous but effective way without the bore of repeating a fact over and over with no purpose, meaning or audience.

– “Ask me to answer…”
– “Ask me to spell…”
– “Ask me…”
– – “Ask me to read…” (NEW)


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