21. What is the Science of Reading with Sara Marye

Have you heard people online, around the staffroom, in teacher friend circles talking about the Science of Reading?


It is a hot topic right now and for good reason. Today, we are joined by literacy specialist Sara Marye from the Stellar Teaching Company. Sara dives into the Science of Reading and what makes it relevant in our classrooms in 2024. 


We discuss: 

  • What is the Science of Reading
  • The 5 pillars of Literacy instruction
  • The Balanced Literacy Approach vs The Science of Reading 
  • The misconceptions about the Science of Reading (aka why some teachers seem opposed to it)
  • Why should teachers care and be informed about the Science of Reading
  • Some practical applications for in the primary classroom


Sara is an open book and generously answers every question that pops into our minds as we dive into the Science of Reading. 


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Resources mentioned in this episode

Scarborough’s Reading Rope

Sara’s Podcast – The Stellar Teacher Podcast

Sara’s Podcast series – Small Steps to SOR

Connect wit Sara via her website or instagram

Freebie – Strategies to help run your reading groups effectively 


About today’s Guest:

Sara Marye has over a decade of experience working as a classroom teacher and school administrator. She is now CEO of The Stellar Teacher Company and a literacy specialist passionate about helping elementary teachers around the world grow their students into lifelong readers. Sara’s mission is to make teachers’ lives a little easier by providing them with endless encouragement, effective strategies, and engaging no-fluff resources. Sara is also the host of the Stellar Teacher Podcast, where she loves to share her favorite literacy tips each week!

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