29. What is the Best Way to Teach Reading with Malia Hollowell

What is the Best Way to Teach Reading with Malia Hollowell

What is the best way to teach reading? Today, literacy specialist Malia Hollowell talks to us about best literacy practise. 


Malia firmly believes that you don’t need to be a reading specialist to be an exceptional reading teacher. In this episode, she shares tools and strategies that will help all teachers (and therefore students) achieve success. 


During our chat, we talk about:

  • Why is the Science of Reading something teachers need to be paying attention to
  • How SOR doesn’t mean we need to throw everything away and start fresh – it is all about the tweaks!
  • Small changes teachers can make to make their literacy instruction more SOR aligned 
  • What reading lessons look like in classrooms from Kindergarten all the way through to Grade 6.  


We also touch on some of the literacy trends as well as things teachers have been doing for decades and ask Malia if we need to keep them or ditch them all together!


This is a fun episode that will provide you with inspiration, confidence and best practice strategies when teaching reading. 


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Rainbows ahead,

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About today’s guest:

Malia Hollowell is the red nail polish-wearing, Starbucks-loving, National Board Certified teacher and founder of Playdough to Plato. She is obsessed with equipping teachers with everything they need to confidently teach every student in their care to read (with the complete science-backed training and tools).


Malia and her team are on a reading instruction rescue mission, ready to show teachers all over the world the power of the Science of Reading.



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