19. Navigating Challenging Behaviours: A Fresh Perspective with Dave Jereb

Navigating Challenging Behaviours: A Fresh Perspective with Dave Jereb

Ever wondered about the superpower of an Occupational Therapist or OT? Can they help with challenging behaviours? Absolutely! 


Today, we enjoyed talking to Dave Jereb, a trailblazer as a paediatric occupational therapist in Australia. With over two decades of experience, Dave is an accomplished practitioner and a true visionary in his field. His unwavering passion for delivering transformative solutions for challenging behaviours alongside his holistic approach has earned him recognition as a thought leader.


From his award-winning ‘Move About activity cards’ to his insightful book ‘Challenging the Story’, Dave’s contributions are reshaping the landscape of occupational therapy. 


In this episode, we chat to Dave about: 

  • What is an OT, and how can teachers work alongside them to help students in their classroom
  • The ABCs of behaviour 
  • Developing connections with students 
  • What we can do as teachers to best support students in the classroom 


This episode contains so many nuggets of wisdom about how challenging behaviours can appear to students – please share it with a teacher friend that you think would also love this conversation. 


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Rainbows ahead,

Ashleigh and Alisha


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