17. Easy Ways To Nurture Positive Communication With Parents

Positive Communication

So often, we only touch base with parents when there is a problem, whether academic, social, or behavioural. Today, we chatted about how we could make time to establish positive communication with parents about their children beyond the regular parent-teacher interviews and reports.

We know teacher life is hectically busy and this may seem like just another thing to fit in! So, keeping this in mind, we have put together a few simple ideas for you to communicate with parents to celebrate their children that won’t take hours of your time.

Look at this list like a menu, pick and choose what you feel will work for you and your situation when it comes to positive communication:

  • Give positive feedback to your students to share with their parents
  • Leave a note in their diary
  • Give students a personalised card/note
  • Make quick positive phone calls home
  • Send a celebratory email to parents with a photo of their child in action
  • Affirmations that accompany student work
  • Open up your classroom for parents to come and visit.
  • Leave random positive messages on your students’ homework / in their workbooks


Positive communication is vital to developing strong relationships with parents, which ultimately benefits the students in your care.


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