10.Teacher, You Are Not Alone: Honest Confessions from the Classroom

Alisha + Ash from Rainbow Sky Creations

There are not many jobs out there where someone who steps out of university is expected to do and achieve exactly the same thing as someone who has been in the industry and role for 40 years. That is why we need to support each other when teachers are just starting out (even after teaching for over a decade, things can get daunting and hectic at the best of times).


Perfection is a unicorn – meaning you can’t be the perfect teacher. The perfect teacher doesn’t exist. Even teachers with all the experience under their belt make mistakes, miss deadlines or forget important events. 


Join us in this episode and laugh along as we candidly explore the mistakes we’ve made in our journeys, reassuring you that amidst the challenges, you’re not alone in your experiences.


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