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Google Classroom, seesaw, apps, iPads, Chromebooks… it is all part of the teacher vernacular these days.

However, technology is not always easy, and all the techie things don’t always come naturally to all of us.

So, we decided to dedicate this post to tech support.


We love allowing students in our classrooms the opportunity to learn online in interactive ways. One way we do this is by creating lessons on Google Slides. We find that they are compatible with most schools’ technology setups, and they also allow the interactive element of students to manipulate digital pieces to showcase their learning.

Here is an example:

Find this resource here.


Other resources like this one include:

Digital Doubling and Halving games

Digital Friends to 20 activities and games

Digital Number of the day


Rainbow Sky ladies always get it right and their resources are the highest quality to assist teachers in the classroom — Amanda H


Sometimes, we need to simplify the technology for our students, so what if you only want to share one or two pages from the example above? Alisha explains it here (stick with us, it is very straightforward):

Seesaw is another commonly used platform by many schools. Do you love the look of a Google slide activity, but you use Seesaw? Here is how you can transfer a Google Slide to that platform:

Only have PowerPoint or lack a decent internet connection? We can help with that too! Here is a really simple way to save a Google Slide as a Powerpoint presentation:

Technology is here to stay (if you love it or hate it). We are always here to help. If you have any questions, always know you can email us, and we will lend a hand.

Need some tech resources that are ready to go and require little input from you (the busy teacher), check these out:

Digital Friends to Ten resource

Digital Doubling and Halving games

Word of the Day templates

Digital Growth Mindset activities


“This was an excellent resource. Highly engaging and my students loved it!” — Susan C

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How to Create a Seesaw Activity using Google Slides – RSC Tech Help Desk - Rainbow Sky Creations

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How to Create a Seesaw Activity using Google Slides – RSC Tech Help Desk - Rainbow Sky Creations

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