3 Valentine’s Day Activities that are Perfect for the Primary Classroom

Looking for Valentine’s Day activities that will engage your primary students?

In many years gone by, I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day (in or out of the classroom if I am honest). However, a few years ago, I organised a comprehension activity with my Grade four class all about St Valentine and they were so engaged! I realised it was relevant to what they were hearing and seeing in the world and that was what contributed to it being such a success.

I always like to acknowledge special events in the classroom, but due to time restrictions, I am cautious to try and keep activities as academically focused as I can. (I am sure many of you can relate!) Keeping this in mind, I have put together 3 fun and academically focused Valentine’s Day activities your students will love (including a FREEBIE):

3 Valentine’s Day Activities

1. Valentine Number of the Day

Number of the Day is an awesome Math lesson because it works on various number skills that help students with all areas of Mathematics. I pull these out during various times of the school year as an assessment, rotation task or last-minute math lesson. This year, I created themed templates that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Because the hearts open up, you could also play a ‘who am I’ number game with them once the students have completed the lesson.

valentine's day activities

“This is a great Valentine’s Day math activity! Not only are the students learning, but it’s something we can decorate the room with once complete. The different options make this activity easy to differentiate. I will use this again and again!” Abby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Grab your copy of our Valentine’s Number of the Day here (it also included fractions and decimals).


2. Valentine Kindness Activity

Valentine’s Day is another opportunity to weave the concept of kindness into your lessons and classroom. This Valentine’s Day activity is based around spreading kindness through the art of giving compliments. They also make a beautiful display that can stay up all year round.


“My students loved this activity! It was perfect for a morning meeting activity on kindness and looked great too on our hallway bulletin board!” Anna ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


valentine's day activities

Click here to get your hands on this Valentine’s Day activity.

3. Valentine Writing

Why not make letter writing the focus of your writing lesson in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. Ask students to choose a person they love to write to. They can plan their letter and write it on one of our Valentine’s Day cards. Not only does it give them a purpose for their writing but it could also be a cute gift for parents on Valentine’s Day! This is always one of my go-to Valentine’s Day activities.

Click here to get your free copy of our Valentine’s Day cards.

valentine's day activities


Bonus Valentine’s Day Activities

  1. Number Sorts

Number sorts require quick thinking and help develop student automaticity when manipulating numbers. You can create a simple number sort using many different skills quite quickly (put a Valentine’s spin on it by writing your numbers on hearts, love bugs or roses).

valentine's day Math activities


2. Self love activity

Teach your students the benefits of finding the positives in themselves. This simple and beautiful heart display allows students to record the things they love about themselves. The perfect social and emotional lesson during the month of February when celebrating.

valentine's day activities

Click here to view this Valentine’s Day activity.


If you use any of these Valentine’s Day activities in your classroom, we would love to see them! Please share with our community on social media by using the hashtag #rainbowskycreations

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