A New Twist on Your Advent Calendar

Christmas is an exciting time in the classroom. There is nothing quite like the enjoyment you get from kids during the festive season.

One tradition we always have in our classroom is a communal advent calendar. Plus, in Australia it also provides a countdown element towards the end of the school year.

Traditionally, an advent calendar contains a treat or chocolate each day in December that just 1 student receives. But we wanted to share a twist on the traditional advent calendar idea where all the students can benefit each day.

These are ideas we have tried in the classroom and at home with our children (in fact, we are starting our reverse advent calendar a little early this year to give us enough time to fill the basket and donate).


We started this tradition with our kids at home, and it brings so much excitement to reading at Christmas!

Usually, our Elf arrives and with him comes all our Christmas book collection. You can have a book advent countdown with any books (they don’t need to be Christmas titles.)

You can wrap them, list them or pop them in a basket and ask a special student to choose one each day.

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This idea focuses on giving to those in need. Instead of counting down and receiving something, you reverse it, and students add an item to a class basket each day.

You could have a list of suggested items for students to collect and bring in (find one here). In the end, take your class basket to a food bank or charity.

This idea is a lovely way to help those less fortunate that are struggling during Christmas time.

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As you have probably worked out, we are all about kindness during Christmas here at Rainbow Sky Creations. Why not try a Kindness advent calendar with your students this year?

Each day students focus on completing a particular act of kindness. You could use a pre-made kindness advent calendar, like ours here, or even personalise it and make one as a class. Our Kindness Advent calendar includes a class display, print-and-go Kindness Advent calendar as well as an editable template.

A New Twist on Your Advent Calendar - Rainbow Sky Creations

What do you think? Have you been inspired to try any of these advent calendar ideas with a twist this year?

If you share any photos on socials, make sure you tag us @rainbowskycreations – we love seeing all the creative ways our community implements ideas!

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