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3 Freebies for Casual Teachers

Let’s be real; casual teaching can be a bit of a rollercoaster – different kids, different schools, and a whole new playbook every day…. 


But you know what? If you’re just starting out, diving into relief teaching can be a golden ticket for honing your teaching game! Think about it – how often do teachers get to dip their toes in such a wild variety of classrooms, setups, routines, and teaching styles? 


That is the magic of relief teaching.. It’s like a crash course in becoming the most versatile educator. Embracing relief teaching might just be your secret weapon to becoming an all-star educator.


Let us help you get started…Whether you are in your first year of casual teaching or a seasoned teacher, we have collated 3 freebies to help make your life easier in your role as a casual-relief teacher:


FREEBIE 1: What to pack for a successful Day

Often we learn the best tricks of the trade from other teachers we work alongside. With this in mind, we decided to put this resource together as a reference for all the relief teachers out there to share some of our tips and tricks when packing our bag for a day of casual teaching.

What is included:

  • 5 essential items to pack & prepare
  • Teacher Cheat sheet template
  • Tips & tricks we have learned along the way
  • Story map printable
  • Where to go for more help



FREEBIE 2: Advice From Teachers That Have Been There Before

Hindsight really can be insightful, but time travel is currently impossible. So, that is why we spoke to the experienced teachers in our community.We asked them one simple question: 

What do you wish you could tell yourself as a new teacher?

We compiled everything they shared with us into categories so it is easy to digest. Grab your copy to enjoy with a coffee here.


FREEBIE 3: Number of the Day Backup Lesson

It is always worthwhile to pack some printables you can have on hand for those times that a plan isn’t left or when interruptions happen, and you need to be flexible. 

A number of the day is always our go-to backup lesson. Grab a free version of Number of the Day here.




We also have a playlist on TikTok all about Casual teaching and our tips and tricks. You can binge it here.

Need help with more than just getting started? Grab out our Casual Teacher Starter Kit, which you will love!

Casual Teacher Starter Kit

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