7 Ways to Show Thanks to a Teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week

Although Teacher Appreciation Week isn’t strictly an ‘Australian’ celebration, teachers and parents are connecting with others worldwide, and therefore making fun events like this more of ‘a thing’ down here in Australia.

In Australia, we celebrate teachers on World Teacher Day on the 29th of October.

But in our opinion, don’t let this stop you from doing something lovely during the first week of May for your child’s teacher or your hard-working colleagues. After all, we know that teachers do an amazing job all year round, and little but thoughtful ideas can go a long way!

Use the ideas below to celebrate and show appreciation to the amazing people you work alongside:

For the Coffee Drinkers

Deliver a coffee in the morning or make a coffee run before a staff meeting and pair it with a sweet note.

For the Tea Drinkers

Leave speciality tea in the staffroom or individually wrapped tea bags with a note in the teacher’s cubbies / on their desk.

For the Chocolate eaters

Leave a little chocolate surprise on their desk in the morning or ask two students to make a chocolate delivery to all the teachers after lunch when sugar levels are running low.

This label we have taken from our Wine Labels resource and just wrapped it around a choccie!

Words of Affirmation

Create a shoutout wall to acknowledge others on staff. You could even create one for students and parents to add to and make it a community project.

We have seen teachers use our compliment jar lesson and do it in a staff meeting. How fun and uplifting!

Check out the compliment jar templates here.

Quality guessing game

Pin up photos of each staff member and list their best quality. Ask your colleagues to guess who matches each quality and give them a little certificate at the end of the week.

Communal Lunch

See who’s tired of thinking of what to pack for lunch each day and organise a weekly lunch roster or soup roster one term for the teachers who want to participate.

A) It saves you having to think of lunch for nearly a term of Tuesdays

B) Encourages you to sit down and EAT lunch

C) Strengths the staff community

Create Report Writing care package

Report season can be a difficult time for teachers when they are trying to juggle many different tasks. Sometimes it is just something small that can brighten their day! Grab our free report survival kit template for FREE here.

Any day is a good day to let the staff around you know they are valued, important and doing an outstanding job. May these simple ideas help you spread some love during Teacher Appreciation Week or World Teacher Day.

Love these ideas but short on time? We have lots of ready to print templates inside our Teacher Wellbeing resource. Click here to view.

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