A free Multiplication game that students LOVE (Part 3)

Multiplication fluency is one of those skills that we really want to nail in our Grade 3 and 4 classrooms.

Not only to just meet our curriculum requirements, but we know as teachers that when our students are fluent in their multiplication recall, it is going to make the world of difference in their success in all other areas of mathematics.

We have all seen students who can complete a task get stunted with absolute frustration when they don’t know the answer to a times table fact.

This is when we start to see their mindset change from Maths being fun to ‘hard’, ‘difficult’, ‘frustrating’, ‘too challenging’ or even ‘boring’ (which we know is a way that they use to conceal that they are simply finding something too tough).

How do you turn this around?

By introducing multiplication fluency games!

Before we start, what is fluency?

This is when we know students understand the concept of multiplication being repeated addition, groups, but just need practise with the automatic recall of facts. The automatic recall is what is known as fluency.

We know kids learn by:

  • Playing and having fun
  • Repeated practise
  • Hands-on learning experiences

This free resource is going to provide all those things for you and your students.

Inside this freebie we share:

☝️ Fun times table activity inspo

✌️ 3 games that you can print and use tomorrow!

🤟 Where you can go for even more help and activities that your students will love!

Get your hands on a copy by clicking here.

What other teachers are saying about this resource:

“This is a great resource to pull out for those days when you just want something the students will enjoy and review multiplication but is manageable to use with the whole class. My class uses a decks of cards often so they understand our system of getting the materials out and placing the back neatly in our class.” Trudi

“Such a great and simple idea! I adapt it to suit my student groups by removing cards. It is fun and engaging and they are learning without even realising!” Jacqui

“My students LOVE this!!” Kelly

“The students and I loved this resource! Hands on maths for students who are struggling is a game changer! Thank you!” Brittany

Interested in more multiplication lesson ideas? We have got you covered, check out our 3-part blog series all about times table fun here.

If you forgot to download your freebie, here is the link again!

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