5 Back to School Freebies for Beginning Teachers

Our mission here at Rainbow Sky Creations is to help new teachers feel empowered, confident and energised as an educator.

We also want ALL beginning teachers to know, it is NOT a right of passage to feel overwhelmed and find yourself working around the clock just to get by…

We aren’t going to lie, the learning curve when you are just starting out as a teacher is steep… but we are here to help you climb that hill!

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Because we love supporting new teachers, we have curated 5 FREEBIES that are perfect to support you during the back to school season.

Before we start, you need to grab a FREE virtual seat in our New Teacher workshop, starting on January 10th. We hold this event annually and walk beginning teacher through how to plan their first day, setting up a behaviour management plan and what to get ready when prepping classroom displays. You don’t want to miss it!

Grab what you feel will be helpful and bookmark this page so you can come back again when you need to. Also make sure you are following us on Instagram and TikTok, we are ALWAYS sharing new teacher tips that we have learned over the years.

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Surviving your First Years of Teaching

It is so exciting getting your first job, but then the reality hits… what next? Am I out of my depth? Who is going to help me?

This freebie is a workbook that includes:

⭐️ Steps to rock your first years in the classroom

⭐️ A Term Planning checklist

⭐️ Activity suggestions for the first day back after holidays

⭐️ Accreditation info and…

⭐️ Our famous teacher ‘To Do’ list template!

In a nutshell, it is going to kick start you in the right direction. If you are beginning your teaching career, you need to get your hands on our most popular freebie for new teachers.

Click here for your FREE copy of Surviving Your First Years of Teaching.

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Kindness Classroom Display

Decorating your first classroom is the fun part! But these days, it can get expensive to get all that pretty decor on the walls (Side note: you don’t need to spend a bomb on creating the perfect classroom environment).

This quote is one of our faves and will brighten any wall or hallway, reminding your students about the importance of being kind to each other.

Grab your FREE copy of this Kindness Display here.

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8 Tips to run Reading Groups effectively

One concern we hear from new teachers year in, year out is they are stuck on how to set up and run their reading groups.

Running reading groups in a class full of eager and active little people isn’t always the easiest of tasks.

Learn our 8 tips for efficiently running reading groups by grabbing this freebie.

Get your hands on our Reading Groups tips here.

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A Little Bit About Me Writing Task

Our A Little Bit About Me writing task is a fun and easy way to get to know a bit about your students on their first day.

This freebie is available in both paper and digital versions so you can use it for as a writing or technology task. We have included two different writing templates which are suitable for a variety of age groups.

Click here for our A Little Bit About Me Writing freebie.

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Number of the Day

We are huge fans of Number of the Day here at Rainbow Sky Creations. Why? Because…

⭐️ It is a great back up lesson

⭐️ It is an awesome way to work on number skills

⭐️ It can be used as a pre or post assessment

⭐️ Students really enjoy completing it!

One tip we always give our new teachers is to have a back up lesson (or 2) ready to go, you never know when you might need it. Download this FREE version of our Number of the Day template, print and you will be prepared and ready when you need to fill in a lesson at the drop of a hat.

Get a free copy of Number of the Day here.

There you have it, 5 Back to school freebies, especially for new teachers. We hope you got some helpful goodies!

Make sure you stick around, we are dedicated to supporting you to help you have the best first year ever!

Before you go… Take our fun quiz!

Take our free quiz to find out which stage you are at on your New Teacher journey.

You’ll get a super handy free resource and the next steps to help you figure out your next phase, next move, next evolution when it comes to teaching.

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