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Everyone is talking about Growth Mindset!

When I first heard of it, I loved the idea and dived right in head first!

To begin, we decided to make a Growth Mindset display here at Rainbow Sky Creations and it was one of the first things on both our classroom walls when the new school year began (it even featured in most of my colleague’s classrooms and school principal’s office too!). I couldn’t wait to see what this new initiative would bring… but in all honesty, all I got was crickets…

Having this Growth Mindset display up in my classroom looked great, was innovative and in keeping with current research, but in reality, it did absolutely nothing all on its own. So, I decided it was time to look at this ‘Growth Mindset’ concept from a whole new angle.

My next strategy was to try and implement the display and draw my students attention to it. I would refer to it throughout lessons and I noticed the students starting to reference it as well. We also did a writing task where the students had to reflect upon something they couldn’t do at the start of the year but could now and we linked it to the growth mindset quotes we had displayed.

But, I felt it still wasn’t enough. The display was there, the students acknowledged it and were beginning to understand it but I realised it needed to be classroom culture to truly make the impact I had read about and believed in.

From this revelation, I introduced growth mindset desk plates, they featured ‘Growth Mindset reminders’ for the students to always see and a special spot for a goal that could be changed constantly and was right in front of their eyes all day long. We implemented lessons to build the idea of Growth Mindset and I gave out affirmation cards to show the students I was as dedicated to the cause, just as I expected them to be.

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In the end, the culture was the change. After reflecting as an educator, I ironically realised that I too needed a Growth Mindset in order to make the difference in my classroom, so in the end it was a lesson for us all!

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