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Why you need the ‘Number of the Day’ in your primary classroom

If you haven’t grabbed your free copy of our number of the day template, you are missing out!

“I absolutely love this resource! It is so easy to differentiate for each student.” Mary

Wondering what all the fuss is about?


These are the top 12 reasons why we **and other teacher’s all over the world** love using this resource:

It covers an array of number skills that students need to work on constantly and master.

You can use it day after day, week after week, term after term, and year after year.

“This was a great way to practice place value and I will continue to use it weekly to help keep students thinking about place value.” – Stephanie

It is perfect for those times that you have a change of plans or just don’t have a maths lesson planned for whatever reason = a print-and-go resource!

Students can complete it independently which makes it ideal for Maths groups / rotations / centres.

“They are great for math rotations or morning activities.” – Sarah M.


Students love it because it is an engaging way to work with numbers and make connections.

Number of the Day allows for simple differentiation. Students can work on the same template using different numbers that range in difficulty.

It encourages students to challenge themselves by working with larger numbers or numbers that have zero as a place holder.

An environmentally friendly way to use the template over and over is to put them in rewritable or dry erase sleeves. We love this option for Maths rotations or as a fast finisher task.

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Number of the Day is versatile when it comes to assessment. It works perfectly for a pre-assessment to see where your students are at, as a formative or summative assessment.

“This number of the activity day was perfect for end of the year/test prep review for place value!!” – Little Minds Connect

It is the ultimate revision lesson because it covers a range of skills at the one time (we love using it for this purpose at Christmas time).

Unlike other Number of the Day templates, ours is open-ended, meaning you can choose any number you wish. Students aren’t restricted to work with the same number as everyone else (grab your FREE copy here).

It creates student autonomy where they take charge of their own learning. This can be done by allowing them to choose the number they want to work with, or providing an opportunity for peers to check each other’s work and be the ‘teacher’ for the lesson.

Try our FREE Number of the Day activity, this go-to activity is guaranteed to be a hit with your students, just like it has been with ours!

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