The First 3 Steps to Take After Finishing your Teaching Degree!

Congratulations, New Grad Teacher! It is time to get out there and start doing what you love and have trained for all this time – teaching a class of students!

Although exciting, it can also seem a little daunting. Don’t worry; we are here to help.

We are always chatting to new grads and teachers in their first few years of teaching, and they all have the same worries and concerns. One that frequently stands out is finding a job now you are qualified.Dretest alt text

If this is you, read on to discover the first 3 steps you need to take to get yourself out there and into the classroom as soon as possible.

Step 1: Spice up your resume

You will need a resume to start applying for jobs and not any sort of resume but a teaching resume. Get this all sorted before you move onto step two.

Some tips for writing a stand out teaching resume include:

  • Brainstorm your accomplishments, talents and strengths first. Make sure you sprinkle this awesomeness throughout your resume. Reviewing your prac reports can help with this exercise.
  • Separate your work experience under the headings ‘Child/Teaching related’ and ‘Other experience’. Make it clear if you have worked with children in any other capacity before.
  • Use basic and easy to read fonts and, above all, PROOFREAD (in fact, ask two other people to proofread your resume). Teachers can be picky when it comes to typos and grammar mistakes.

For more new grad job application tips and a copy of our job hunt bingo, click here. test alt text

Step 2: Start casual / relief teaching

This is one way to begin building relationships with schools. Drop your newly updated CV off in person to local schools and schools where you have completed pracs. Schools are often looking for people to add to their casual teacher list.

Remember, sometimes this is a slow burn. You might not get a call the day after dropping off your resume. If a term goes by and you haven’t heard anything, it is completely fine to drop off another copy (things get lost in schools ALL! THE! TIME!)

This step might make you feel a little nervous, but please remember, everyone has to start somewhere. For more casual teaching tips, read this article.test alt text

Step 3: Look for a like-minded community

Teaching really is the type of job that is better when you connect with others. Look for a mentor, an online community or set up a teaching only What’s app group with your uni buddies.

The reason we suggest this as the third key step is because we want you to know that you are not alone in the teaching world. We are stronger together.

We run a Facebook group, especially for new Aussie Teachers. Please come and join us; we would love for you to be part of our supportive community.The First 3 Steps to Take After Finishing your Teaching Degree! - Rainbow Sky Creations

If getting yourself off the sidelines and into the classroom is your key goal right now, start with these three things first. Remember, each little step you make is a little closer to teaching a class of students.

We have loads of other helpful resources for teachers just like you who are starting out. You might be interested in our:



Additionally, our favourite thing to do over here at Rainbow Sky is to mentor new teachers in our signature program, TRANSFORM YOUR FIRST YEARS.


For Teachers In Your First Years:

Discover the Secret to Actually Staying On Top of Everything In Your Classroom, Including: Lesson Planning, Behaviour and Time Management—Without Overwhelm or Confusion.

Teaching during your first years doesn’t have to be so hard. You CAN gain the confidence and momentum of an Experienced Teacher when you follow a proven approach that works!

We have designed a course to not only help you with the nitty-gritty of everyday teacher life but also provide you with a supportive community of other teachers who are in exactly the same position as you. A place where questions, big or small, are celebrated.

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