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Veterans Day Activities | Writing / Math | Grades 1-2


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This NO PREP package provides everything you need to teach your students about Veterans Day. It includes age appropriate literacy, numeracy and creative thinking tasks that can be used as a sequenced series of lessons or as individual tasks.

This set of activities has been created to educate students about the significance of Veterans Day as a day to honor those who have served or are serving in the military.


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Resource Activity List:

✶ Colored lapel poppies
✶ B&W lapel poppies
✶ Veterans Day coloring page
✶ Veterans Day: I think, I know, I wonder
✶ Veterans Day retrieval chart
✶ Gratitude poppy
✶ Veterans Day ceremony/parade recount BLM
✶ Messages of Thanks BLM
✶My Hero – writing task
✶ All about the.. Army, Navy, Air force interactive notebook + teacher guide
✶ #Veterans Day – social media activity
✶ Peace: looks like, feels like, sounds like… interactive notebook + teacher guide
✶ My Peace Pledge BLM
✶ Big word, Little Word
✶ Mental Math: The Number 11
✶ Math Memory pair game
✶ Maths Memory Recording Sheet
✶ Blank Veterans Day themed writing paper (2 sized lines)


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“A comprehensive resource with all the work done for you. It caters for different abilities. Thanks for putting this resource together.” Natasha K

“Great resource!” Amy

“This was a great resource to teach students about Veterans and why we honor them. ” Kelly

“I really appreciate the time you took to create this product! Thank you for facilitating kids learning about Veterans Day!” Ann Marie

“Class loved this! They wanted everything to be up in the hall for our program!” Chelcie


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Veterans Day

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Year 1 – 2

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