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UNO BUNDLE Math Centre Games | 3rd & 4th Grade

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Your students will be engaged all year long with these awesome Math Center games using UNO cards. With a range of concepts and skills covered, make life simple with these ready to print templates that students are guaranteed to love.

You save 30% off the cost of each individual resource when you purchase this money saving bundle.

These UNO Card activities are so versatile. Use them for:

  • Bell ringers
  • Math centers / workshop activities
  • Fast finisher games
  • Small group tasks
  • Intervention groups
  • Homework games

Included in this resource pack are a variety of templates you can use with UNO cards, including options to easily differentiate for your students.

An editable version is included so you can translate into any language.

Looking for another grade?

Kindergarten / Pre K version

Grade 1-2 BUNDLE

Grade 5-6 BUNDLE

What is included:

26 activities that cover a range of skills

  • Make a Number (3 versions ) *print A3 size + Number strips
  • Number Skills task cards + Number of the Day
  • Greater than and less than
  • Place Value Wars (3 versions)
  • Make a number cards
  • Twenty-one
  • Addition fluency template
  • 2-Digit Addition template
  • Subtraction fluency template
  • 2-Digit Subtraction template
  • Multiplication Fluency + recording template
  • Multiplication 2-digit & single digit template
  • Highest Total game board
  • Backwards tables game
  • Count it (skip counting)
  • Place Value charts (4-digits, 5-digits – Note: Print 5-digits on A3)
  • Make the time
  • Fraction comparison (5 versions)
  • Flip its
  • Rounding to the nearest ten
  • Rounding to the nearest hundred
  • Hashtag 1000
  • Multiplication more or less
  • Roll and multiply
  • Area of Quads
  • Perimeter of Polygons

+ editable files for you to adapt for your students / language.


❤️ What teachers say about this resource: ❤️

My kids LOVED using this to help with multiplication, subtraction/addition with regrouping, and 100s chart (for my lows). It was a great station resource!” Kaitlin

“I LOVE this packet that can work on skills while they are playing engaging games. There are so many variations!” Valerie“I use these during Math stations and in small groups. The students LOVE working with Uno cards and this resources is so engaging! Highly recommend!” Jennifer

“This was on my wish list for months and I am so glad I finally bought it! There are so many great games that cover so many skills and they are so engaging and fun for my students” Lindsay

“This is an incredible resource! The students love using this resource during our math review game time. They are engaged. It did not take much to prepare this resource.” Carel

“I really love using these games to reinforce math skills- very fun and engaging! Highly recommend!!” Tiffany

LOVE these games and am so glad to have them in my classroom. Who knew kids are so obsessed with Uno cards? These centers have been such a hit.” Sarah


We are passionate about helping teachers here at Rainbow Sky Creations. We hope you and your students enjoy these resources

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Grade Level

Year 3 – 4


Numbers, Place Value

Resource Types

Games, Worksheets / Printables

Card Game Math Activities for Grade 3 and 4 | VERSION 2


Numbers, Place Value

Grade Level

Year 3 – 4

Resource Types

Games, Hands-on Packs, Worksheets / Printables

Place Value Game using UNO Cards | Place Value Math Centers

Resource Types

Freebie, Games


Place Value

Save 30% off the cost of each individual resource when you purchase this UNO BUNDLE Math Centre Games | 3rd & 4th Grade

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Original price was: $16.36.Current price is: $11.45.

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