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Rounding to the Nearest 1000 | Rounding to 1000 Math Centers


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Your students are going to LOVE these rounding games. They are perfect to teach your students to round to the nearest thousand. This pack is designed to develop fluency, proficiency and confidence when rounding 4-digit numbers.

If you are teaching your students about rounding to the nearest 1000 you need to start with this resource!


•Ideas to help teach rounding (blog post)

•Round up and round down popstick labels

•Rounding quick sort

•Make and round

•Flip and round GAME

•Roll and round – 2 versions

•Race to round game (2 versions)

•Spin and round

•Rounding clip cards

•Rounding to the nearest thousand assessment

•5 x rounding worksheets

•Rounding exit tickets


A variety of hands-on activities have been included to cater for the different learners in your classroom. Start students on activities that are scaffolded (such as the make and round and roll and round tasks).

The worksheets at the end can be used to complement hands-on activities or for assessment purposes.


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❤️ What teachers say about this resource: ❤️

“A comprehensive collection of rounding activities. Can’t wait to purchase more amazing Rainbow Sky resources.” Alison

“Thank you for this resource. Rounding is such a tricky concept for many and these activities make it fun!” Kathryn

“My class LOVE these little activities. So good for independent tasks, or small group guidance.” Tanya

“Love this and so easy to use and prepare. My students also love playing the different games.” Kristy

“A comprehensive pack to reinforce rounding. I am using this with a 5/6 class who need the consolidation and gaps filled! So impressed!” Teaching with Penguins


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