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Representing Numbers | Spring Number Sense Flowers | Kindergarten Special


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This activity is a fun way to assist your early learners with their understanding of numbers (1-30) and different ways to represent them. These number sense flowers make a beautiful math bulletin board display or class number line. Perfect for your kindergarten or special education classroom.

Students are given the opportunity to represent numbers in:

  • Numeral form
  • Word form
  • On a tens frame
  • Identify the number after
  • On dice (or just dots if they aren’t ready for dice) and
  • As a tally OR fingers (only for numbers 1-10).
  • The flower stems offer support in counting forwards or backwards to the number.


Different versions have been included to support or challenge students where needed. To meet the needs of the Australian Kindergarten / Foundation / Prep curriculum numbers 1-30 have been included (with the exception of finger representation which included only numbers 1-10).

The first 3 templates are open ended for those students that don’t need specific scaffolding. Other templates have traceable numbers and words to assist them with their number and letter formation.

If students haven’t learned how to represent numbers using a tally, they can either just use lines OR we have included a version with finger representation of each number (1-10 only).

What is included:

There are many different pages included to help cater for all your learners needs:

  • Blank flower for numbers 1-10
  • Blank flower for numbers 11-20
  • Blank flower for numbers 21-30
  • Templates with finger clipart instead of tally (1-10)
  • Templates for numbers 1-30
  • Circles (print on yellow paper to put in the centre of your flower. Blank and traceable numbers included)
  • Counting stems (print on green paper and attach to the bottom of your flower.) Blank stems also included.

Lesson Ideas:

• Use as a whole class lesson and students can choose their own number to represent. Plant a ‘Number garden’ in your classroom

•Use as components of numeracy rotations (put them in rewritable sleeves so they can be used over and over)

•Use for intervention activities in small groups to support or extend students

•Create a class number line by lining the flower up horizontally along your wall


❤️ What teachers are saying about this resource: ❤️

“Really fun and engaging! My students kept wanting to make more flowers. Great way to brighten up the classroom after a very long winter too.” Kristen

“My class loved using this think board as an assessment piece! Thank you for putting in so much detail! Love your products!” Elizabeth

“Love this resource so super cute and great for a place value lesson!” Tara

“Thank you for this amazing resource!” Class of Mrs Moukahal


We are passionate about helping teacher create awesome lessons here at Rainbow Sky Creations. We hope your students enjoy making these flowers!

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