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Remembrance Day Flipbook Australia


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This flipbook is a great way for students to explore and learn more about the significance of Remembrance Day and what this important commemoration means to our country.

It focuses on the history, symbols and relevance of Remembrance Day for your students and our nation.

The flipbook has been set up with five categories for students to complete:

1. Remember

2. Significance

3. Commemorate

4. Honour

5. Give Thanks

These categories also double up as key vocabulary/attitudes that surround the day and are a good talking point to open class discussions.

The flipbook could be used as a class display or as a learning keepsake for

students. Once printed and setup, students can complete flipbooks independently or with their peers.


❤️ What other teachers are saying about this resource: ❤️

“Students loved using this resource to reinforce our learning.” Annie B

“These were really easy to put together and were a great task for independent and paired research.” Claire D

“A great resource to use with upper primary for Remembrance Day” Jessica W

“My students were so engaged when completing this activity. Thanks” Jayde G

“Just what I needed for my Grade 4 class to start off our study of Remembrance Day.” Sandy B


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Remembrance Day

Grade Level

Year 3 – 4, Year 5 – 6

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Worksheets / Printables



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File Type: PDF

Number of pages: 11

File size: 14 MB


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