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Job Share Handbook Guide [Job sharing checklists, tips and templates]


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Job sharing is a role within a school that is like no other. Let us help you get organised and have a successful year with this handbook for primary school teachers. This resource will help you with tips, hints, strategies and ideas.

We’ve collated notes, inspiration and relevant information you need all in one place so you can access everything at your fingertips!

This resource includes a range of helpful forms and checklists, as well as loads of tips we have learned while job sharing over the years! Inside you will find useful checklists, printables for planning and lessons, sharing responsibilities, information about communicating with parents, report writing and more!

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  • Welcome to sharing a class letter
  • Teaching cheat sheet
  • Advice from other educators
  • Where to start checklist
  • To-do list
  • Communication ideas
  • Communication plan
  • Guide to create a google doc
  • Classroom setup considerations
  • Classroom management considerations
  • Other classroom considerations
  • Expectations of students
  • Behaviour management expectations
  • Before you leave checklist
  • Classroom decoration checklist
  • Class feedback form
  • Pro Rata Meeting log (NEW)
  • Year at a glance calendar
  • Term plan / overview
  • Planning checklist
  • Planning responsibilities
  • Planning meeting notes
  • Reading group suggestions
  • Class snapshot form
  • Student interventions + record form
  • IEPs and accommodations
  • Anecdotal notes + templates
  • Student notes
  • Tips for marking and bookwork
  • Practical assessment suggestions
  • Assessment planner + overview
  • Reporting to-do list
  • Reporting checklist
  • Report Writing Word Bank
  • Communicating with parents guide/suggestions
  • Handling parent meetings
  • Parent survey form
  • Parent email address proforma
  • Parent-Teacher conference form
  • Includes 6 print and use lessons
  • Blank pages for note -taking


This resource is designed to provide you with a one-stop-shop to help you with all your questions and queries as a teacher working in a job share situation. It includes a range of preparation and planning checklists, easy to understand information about the general running of a shared classroom and a place to store teaching inspiration and ideas.


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We are passionate about helping teachers at Rainbow Sky Creations. We hope that this package helps you!


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“A wonderful, supportive resource for what can be a tricky thing to navigate (job sharing). Definitely recommend if you are sharing a class with a colleague!” Samantha

“This was a must read in my first shared year of teaching. It made things so clear and explicit. Hands down a must have for any tandem teacher combo” Jessica

“This helped me and my job share partner keep on track – it’s an amazing resource thank you.” Lisa

“This was such a comprehensive resource that helped me with my initial meeting with my job share partner. Everything we needed to consider and make decisions about was provided in this handbook with helpful suggestions when we had varying ideas on how to approach things! I have had it bound so that we can refer to it throughout the year. I feel much better about moving schools and working with a new job share partner now that it is all planned out. Thank you!” Erin


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