Growth Mindset Crash Course for Primary Teachers

Did you know that we run online workshops for FREE on our Instagram and Facebook pages from time to time?

They range from helpful workshops to support new teachers, to providing ideas for reading groups, to how to plan and implement hands-on Maths lessons, to offering tips and tricks to save teachers precious time in their week.

But today we wanted to share with you one of our favourite workshop series:

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We are huge advocates for teaching students as young as kindergarten about Growth Mindset.

Why? Because research has proven that applying a Growth Mindset leads to success.

When teaching our students about developing their growth mindset, the aim is to help them identify when they are using it in the learning process and to encourage these words, behaviours and thoughts further.test alt text

This workshop series has 5 lessons. We have embedded all the videos below, so all you need to do is click and watch! We hope you find them super helpful.

Teacher Tip 1: We are sure you don’t have time to sit and binge on all 5 videos now. Make sure you bookmark this page so it is easy to come back to (feel free to share with a friend too so they can get the benefit of this free workshop).

Teacher Tip 2: If you are short on time, you can speed up the videos by clicking the three dots in the bottom right corner of the video, selecting ‘playback speed’ and then choosing 1.25 (recommended) or 1.5.

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Let’s get started!

Masterclass 1: Our Growth Mindset Story (10mins)

Helpful resources to complement masterclass 1:

Growth Mindset display (Fixed VS Growth Mindset)

Growth Mindset desk tags (for goal setting)

Masterclass 2: 12 Ways to Encourage a Growth Mindset in the Classroom (11mins)

Helpful resources to complement masterclass 2:

Growth Mindset bulletin board display

The Power of Yet posters

Books to support learning in Growth Mindset (Kobi Yamada)

Growth Mindset affirmation armbands

Growth Mindset in action tags (freebie)

Positive affirmation cards and journal prompts (you could use around a mirror too)

Class Dojo – Growth Mindset, resilience and empathy video series

Some helpful Growth Mindset statements:

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Masterclass 3: Three Simple Growth Mindset Lessons (14mins)

Helpful resources to complement masterclass 3:

Books to help nurture a Growth Mindset

The Power of Yet lessons (terminology)

Positive Affirmation Rainbow

Growth Mindset print-and-go lessons for Grades 1-2

Growth Mindset print-and-go lessons for Grades 3-6

Growth Mindset lessons for early learners

Masterclass 4: Goal Setting and Celebrating Student Successes (10mins)

Helpful resources to complement masterclass 4:

Growth Mindset in action tags (freebie)

Read more about our Growth Mindset goal desk tags

Purchase Growth Mindset desk tags

Masterclass 5: 8 Practical Ways to Create a Positive Classroom Environment (13mins)

Helpful resources to complement masterclass 5:

Free Kindness Flyers

Gratitude Tree display and lesson

A fun visual to greet your students each day:

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We hope you got some helpful takeaways from our Growth Mindset mini masterclasses. If you loved this and want more, check out our Hands-on Maths Workshop here.


Before you go, grab our free guide – Everything you need to guide Growth Mindset in your classroom.

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