Are you Making this Teacher Mistake?

If you’re a teacher, whether new or seasoned, you’re likely to have made this teacher mistake.

Are familiar with:

  • The feelings of stress and overwhelm?
  • Having a million things on your to do list?
  • Finding that most things in the classroom require YOU to run smoothly?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place!


In episode 4 of our podcast, Rainbow Skies for New Teachers, we talk about the ‘Biggest Mistake we Made as New Teachers’. Listen here (or read on for the highlights).

The Teacher Mistake of Overcomplication

One significant pitfall we’ve observed is the tendency for teachers, particularly new ones, to compare themselves to their peers. It’s like carrying a bag of rocks, each representing a task or responsibility. The more we compare, the heavier our load becomes.


It’s essential, as teachers, to remember that uniqueness is our strength. Your teaching style, your approach, and your essence are valuable. Comparison is a thief of joy; focus on your lane, and you’ll be amazed at the impact you can make.

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Time to Embrace Simplicity

The role of a teacher can be incredibly demanding. Often, teachers feel pressured to be ‘super-teachers,’ doing everything on their own. However, we want to debunk this school of thought – teaching needs to be viewed as a team sport.


New teachers often get overwhelmed because they try to do everything on their own, fearing judgment or feeling like a burden. Break free from this mindset! Ask questions, seek advice, and collaborate with fellow educators.


Whether you’re a new teacher or have been in the field for years, the education landscape is ever-changing. Embrace the fact that learning from others and seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Simple quote RSC - teacher mistakesUtilise What is Available to You

Creating everything from scratch is a time-consuming trap that many educators fall into. Lesson plans, resources, and programs—stop reinventing the wheel.

The teaching community is a village ready to support you. Collaborate with colleagues, share resources, and build on each other’s strengths.

Your class will appreciate the simple, effective lessons more than elaborate, time-consuming ones that take you all night to plan. Invest in proven resources or ask for materials from your colleagues. It’s a win-win!

Teacher Mistakes - New and Experienced teacher conversation


Let’s talk about some more practical examples to keep systems simple:

Simplifying Classroom Jobs with PA of the Day

First on our list is streamlining classroom jobs. We often find ourselves drowning in a sea of tasks, from attendance to distributing materials.


Introducing ‘PA of the Day’ – a simple job and reward system that kids love and lightens your load.


Mastering Papers and Digital Documents Using Folders

Papers and digital documents can quickly become a chaotic mess. Create a filing system to help you keep track of everything you need. We are all about folders in our Google Drive to keep on top of digital resources and papers.


Effortless Lesson Planning for Reading Groups

Planning lessons, especially for reading groups, doesn’t have to be a complex puzzle. We keep this simple by:

  • Keeping the same sort of activities in rotations
  • Pulling books for two weeks (instead of week to week)
  • Getting feedback from students about the activities they like best

 We have a freebie to help you set up awesome Reading Groups here.

8 tips for efficiently running your reading groups FREEBIE

Streamlining Classroom Materials

Simplify the organisation of supplies by setting them up the way you like them and then taking photos for the students to refer to when tidying up and putting supplies away. Remember, the classroom is a shared space.

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Efficient Work Storage for Student Absences

When students are away, manage their work by adding their name to the top of each sheet and then storing it all together in one folder (you can also add spares to the folder as well).

Teacher folder to store student spare copies

Setting and Tracking Student Goals with Ease

Student goals are integral to their growth – simplify the goal-setting process by having goals in a central position for the students to refer to while working. We created these Growth Mindset Goal Tags for this exact purpose.

Growth Mindset and goal desk tag

Painless Photocopying

Ah, the dread of returning to the photocopying machine on a daily basis! Have an in-tray where to put anything that needs to be copied and then do it is larger batches (this can be quite the time saver).

Avoid teacher mistakes - Copies tub photocopying


We all know that teaching can be a juggling act, with numerous tasks vying for our attention! Remember that there are countless ways to work smarter, not harder, as a teacher and we are here to help you do exactly that.


Don’t miss this episode! Tune in to our podcast and gain the insights you need to embark on your teaching career with confidence and purpose.

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