8 Creative Ways to Use Building Blocks in Maths

As teachers, one thing we always hear parents say is that school is so different these days. Yep, it sure is! And thank goodness for that. As educators, we know better, so we do better. That means teaching now involves students using a lot more concrete materials and hands-on learning.

Learning should be fun and accessible to everyone! That is why we love creating hands-on activities with rich learning experiences for kids here at Rainbow Sky Creations. Building blocks are a great resource that all classrooms and homes tend to already have. The list of how you can use these in all key learning areas are endless.

Today, we are focusing on how you can reuse and recycle building blocks in your Maths lessons for any age group. We have put together 8 simple ways you can use them which your students will absolutely love. Better yet, these sorts of activities are so easy to differentiate to suit the needs of your learners.

    • Comparing or measuring lengths of objects
      • Ordering numbers in ascending or descending order
        • Skip counting
          • Making a number line
            • Addition and subtraction sums
              • Multiplication and division sums
                • Greater than or less than
                  • Making the smallest or largest number with a group of digits
                    • Doing any of the above activities, but using fractions or decimals

(Note to any parents reading this – you could have ALL your primary kids working on a similar task but with different sized numbers).

Teacher tip: Use a whiteboard marker to write on your blocks and a baby wipe to easily clean them.

When using these types of activities, kids are developing skills to help them manipulate and work with numbers, and it sure does beat completing a worksheet. If you use any of these activities in your classroom or at home, we would love to see them. Make sure you tag us on Instagram @rainbowskycreations

8 Creative Ways to Use Building Blocks in Maths - Rainbow Sky Creations


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