Inspiring Remembrance Day Research Project

Remembrance Day is a time of reflection and commemoration. But it is also important that Primary aged students are beginning to explore the meaning behind Remembrance Day and what it means to our country.

In Australia, we are heading towards the end of the school year as Remembrance Day rolls around. Teachers are often busy with assessments, report writing, swimming lessons (if you are lucky enough to endure those) and wrapping up for Christmas and the end of the year. However, Remembrance Day and its importance shouldn’t be forgotten. Why not implement a project-based learning task (PBL) that your students will be highly engaged in while learning about the significance of the day?

Remembrance Day Research Project

This resource is ideal for teachers who are looking for ways to truly engage students with a high-interest, independent activity.Remembrance Day Flipbook


You may want to begin this series of lessons (it will take more than one lesson to complete) with a short video about Remembrance Day to set the stage. We recommend this clip from Behind the News (they have quite a few informative stories if you want more).Remembrance Day Flipbook


From there, issue your students with their flipbook where they can work independently or with each other to complete it. Your students will need to use their inquiry skills; researching, analysing and reflecting on Remembrance Day.

The series of activities throughout the flipbook focus on the history, symbols, vocabulary and relevance of Remembrance Day for your students and our nation as a whole.

You will find your students will love working through the flipbook and learning as they go. The end product also provides them with a keepsake of information they can share with siblings, grandparents or anyone else they want to show their hard work.Remembrance Day ActivitiesInspiring Remembrance Day Research Project - Rainbow Sky Creations


This ready-to-go Remembrance Day Resource includes all the tasks you see in the photos in this post. We created it with busy teachers in mind, so it includes teacher directions and printing instructions as well. You can get your hands on a copy here.Remembrance Day Research Task


If this resource is not for you and your students, but you are looking for something else to use in your classroom to commemorate Remembrance Day, you might be interested in some of our other print and go packs:

Remembrance DayRemembrance Day Pack: Kinder/Prep/Foundation


Remembrance DayRemembrance Day Pack: Years 3 & 4


Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Pack: Years 5 & 6


Remembrance Day

Digital Remembrance Day Activities: Years 3 – 6


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