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Word of the Day Warm-up Teaching Slides | Vocabulary & Spelling


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Boost Literacy with Quick Word of the Day Warmups! Perfect for Busy Teachers. Unpack word meanings and structure effortlessly. Use with any word on projector, smartboard, or digital display. Reusable all year, editable templates, and teacher notes included.

These Word of the Day slides have been designed for you to use as a literacy warm up or to review vocabulary.

All templates require students to use their prior knowledge to answer questions about a specific Word of the Day. Students unpack the meaning of the word as well as the structure of the word.

They have been created to use with almost any word using a projector, interactive TV, smartboard or digital display.

This is a resource that you will repeatedly use throughout the year and can be adapted for differentiation in your classroom.


What is included:

Teaching slides

  • Word of the Day (6 different versions)
  • Definitions
  • Synonyms (2 versions)
  • Antonyms
  • Syllables
  • Rhyming words
  • Parts of Speech (2 versions)
  • Sentences (3 versions)
  • Prefixes (2 versions)
  • Suffixes (2 versions)
  • Segmenting (3 versions)


All the templates included are editable so you can duplicate them and change the word. Teacher notes have been added to each slide along with the stickers (I do, We do, You do).


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“This was perfect! I wanted to help increase my students vocabulary and I decided to buy this and it was worth every cent!“ Denise

“It’s a great feeling when a resource is found that actually helps aid in learning rather than make it more confusing.” Kennya

“A great way to reinforce the selected vocabulary each week. My students enjoyed it and it enhanced their understanding of the vocabulary words.” Judy

“I love how user friendly these are for students. They have been a great help with building student vocabulary.“ Emily

“This was a very useful resource! I am glad I purchased it, it was easy to implement and my students gained a lot from it!” Sharna

“This resource was very helpful! I loved how well-aligned and focused the materials were to the standard. Thank you!” The Reflective Educator

“Great to have and so very helpful. I am so glad I came across this resource to help my students” Deanna


We are passionate about helping teachers here at Rainbow Sky Creations. We hope you and your students enjoy this resource.

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