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Shape of the Day | Properties of 2D Shapes | Grades 3 to 6


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The Shape of the Day templates are a great addition to your maths lessons. Get students thinking beyond the basic properties of 2D shapes. These templates will allow students to manipulate and identify different properties of 2D shapes.

We have included a range of skills expected according to the Australian ACARA outcomes. There are so many ways you can use these templates in your classroom as a pretest or summative assessment, lesson warmup, small group work or as revision.

We have made different versions to allow for differentiation in the classroom and extend learners where needed. Allow student voice and let students choose which template they’d wish to complete.

What’s included:

• 12 Generic Shape of the Day templates.

Skills Covered

• Properties of 2D shapes

• Perpendicular/parallel lines

• Quarter, half, three-quarter turns inc. clockwise + anticlockwise

• Reflection, translations + Rotation

• Lines of symmetry.

• Creating composite shapes

• Splitting shapes

• Area + Perimeter

• Irregular + regular shapes

• Identifying + measuring angles


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Worksheets / Printables

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Year 3 – 4, Year 5 – 6

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