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Partitioning Numbers Activity | Place Value Game using 3 digit numbers | Year 2


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Do you need your students to practice their number, place value and partitioning skills? This pack provides 6 hopscotch games to improve and develop student skills with their peers and in a fun way!

This pack is designed for students to practice their whole number skills in an active way in the classroom, school hallways or on the playground.

The pack contains 6 different hopscotch templates where students need to try and make their way to the 3 digit number at the top using their number knowledge. There is more than one way to get to the top of every hopscotch to provide differentiation and to allow for each hopscotch to be used more than once. The pack also contains a recording page, teacher answer sheet as well as a blank BLM where students can create their own hopscotch’s to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities.

Each hopscotch contains ‘jumps’ which ask students to implement the following whole number skills using 3 digit numbers:

Adding or subtracting 10 or 20

Partitioning in standard form

Partitioning in non-standard form

Breaking a number up into small parts


How to organise this lesson:

I have used this lesson in the classroom and it has been a HUGE success. Our lesson focus was on partitioning in the non-standard form. I modeled this with the students using concrete materials. Then the students had a go themselves. The hopscotch’s were used in the next follow up activity to identify which students were confident in partitioning in non-standard form independently. I photocopied each hopscotch on a different coloured paper to make them easy to setup (use the recording sheet to help you get the correct order when you are laying them down). I also laminated the pages and asked students to take off their shoes before they jumped on them. We now have a rotation of the hopscotch templates permanently at the back of our classroom (sticky taped to the floor) for students to enjoy as a fast finisher activity and they love it!


This pack has been designed to align with the Australian National Curriculum.

No further teacher prep needed, simply print (laminate) and use!

We hope you and your students enjoy this resource.



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Place Value

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Year 1 – 2

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