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KINDNESS Math Crack the Code | Code Cracker, Word Problems | Grade 3-5


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A kindness-themed mystery that includes a storyline consists of four codes: a storyline, four activities to crack to work out who has been leaving one new student caring notes in class—an ideal resource for middle to upper primary students.

This mystery can be solved by cracking four codes and using the clues to find out who is the kind person.

The Math skills covered are grid coordinates, number lines, telling the time on an analogue clock and finally, addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers.


★ Background story

★ Note 1

★ Note 2

★ Note 3

★ Note 4

★ Student List

★ Answers

Students eliminate a handful of students on the list with each code they crack, until they are left with ONE!

No prep, ready to go activity with all the answers included.

We hope your students enjoy and we would love to hear about it.

Happy code cracking!


What Other Teachers Are Saying!

❤️ “Used for Kindness Day and my students loved it!” Lauren M

❤️ “So much fun! My class love this.” Logan S

❤️ “We used this packet during Kindness week and it was a hit grade wide!” Gabrielle L

❤️ “At the end of the school year, my Pod experienced 90% less bullying than the previous year due to this fantastic resource. Thanks!” Ruth B

❤️ “This was such a fun activity! It took my class probably 2 days to complete this activity, but they absolutely loved it. It was a great activity to help challenge the class too! I will definitely use this resource again next year!” Molly H


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Social & Emotional Learning


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Year 3 – 4, Year 5 – 6

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