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Friends of 10 Game | Addition Game | Free


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Use this FREE ‘Friends to 10’ game to consolidate addition skills and develop fluency and a solid understanding of number combinations that add to 10.


Teaching Addition and Subtraction to and from 10?

How to play:

1. Players spin a number using the spinner (note: you can make a spinner by flicking a paperclip around a pencil)

2. The player then calculates how many more they need to make 10 (the tens frame has been provided to support learners).

3. The player then covers the answer in the circles below with a counter or by crossing it off.

The aim is to cover all the numbers.


Teacher tip: You could change this game up by rolling a 10-sided die instead of using the spinner.


What is included:

  • Colour Friends of ten spinner game
  • B&W Friends of ten spinner game


No further teacher prep is needed, simply print and use!


❤️ What other teachers are saying: ❤️

“Love using hands-on resources during math lessons – the students are so engaged.” Stephanie

“My students loved playing this game with their math group!” Lindy

“Thanks for this useful resource. Fun way to learn about the concept.” Anne M

“This was my class’ absolute favorite math game we played during summer school this summer!” Gabrielle


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Pre-primary, Kindy/Pre-Primary, Year 1 – 2


Addition + Subtraction

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