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Digital Friends of 10: Addition and Subtraction [Distance Learning]


Product Details

Friends to 10 – Assist your students to become confident and competent little mathematicians with this jam-packed digital resource. It includes a series of 14 rigorous activities to build up your student’s fluency in number bonds to 10 (including activities, reflections, and open-ended problems).

There is also a PRINTABLE version of this Pack.

Why is this resource important?

Number partners to ten are so important in helping develop your student’s numeracy skills and create connections with other mathematical concepts.

This pack provides a series of activities that can be used as lessons, small group tasks or math stations to assist your students to become fluent and confident when recalling their number facts to and from 10. There is a focus on addition and subtraction so students are learning about these skills simultaneously and are able to start to create links and transfer learning between these operations.


We have included a range of tasks that can be differentiated according to your student’s needs. The final 2 activities are an open-ended style task where students use their knowledge to solve a problem.

You may wish to encourage the use of concrete materials to support the learning of these concepts while the students are using the technology.

What is included:

  • 14 Interactive Digital Activities (Google slides & Powerpoint)
  • Teacher ‘How to use’ guide
  • QR code for easy student access

Activity List:

*The Ten Teams

*Tens Frame Mania

*Matching pairs of 10

*Total of 10 worksheet using tens frame

*Takeaway from Ten using tens frame

*Adding to 10: Creating a number sentence

*Subtracting to 10: Creating a number sentence

*Use your words – Addition (Language activity)

*Use your words – Subtraction (Language activity)

*Dominos in Ten

*Flip it to make 10

*Friends to 10 Reflection Activity

*My answer is 10 (Higher order thinking task)

*Birthday Balloons (Higher order thinking task)

We are passionate about helping teachers here at Rainbow Sky Creations. We hope you and your students enjoy these resources


❤️ What are other teachers saying about this resource ❤️

“Class was engaged and enjoyed the activities.” Cathy

“Really love this resource. Very interactive and engaging for the kids and appropriate for my level thanks.” Jessica

“This is my favourite Rainbow Sky product. My year 1 class loved the activities and so did I. Highly recommend” James


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Additional information

Grade Level

Year 1 – 2


Addition + Subtraction

Resource Types

Digital Activities

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