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Christmas Activities for Grades 3-6 | Blooms Taxonomy | Paper & Digital Resource


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Your one-stop Christmas resource! This pack includes a PAPER and DIGITAL version of 42 fun and creative tasks designed to suit a range of learners in the classroom. Each activity comes with an accompanying worksheet, ready to go! Tasks have been designed to align with Bloom’s Taxonomy and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theories.

Available in a PAPER and DIGITAL version

This resource also comes in a version suitable for Grades K-2

Keep your students interested and THINKING leading up to Christmas!

This pack is designed to use as individual lessons, end of year literacy rotation tasks, contract work or fast finishing activities in the lead up to or during the festive season!

We have included each activity on the grid as task cards as well as BLMs in order to assist you in using these activities in various ways within your classroom.


This pack is designed to cater for a range of learners and learning styles in the classroom. The grid and tasks increase in difficulty. We advise you to encourage particular students to work on tasks that are at their level (the task cards may be handy for this too) starting with the understanding tasks for learners that need more support to the creating tasks for those in the classroom that need a challenge. Activities also range from completely individual tasks to activities that students can work in streamed, mixed ability pairs or small groups. BLMs will assist and scaffold students in completing tasks independently and to a high standard.

Personally, we love using Bloom’s activities such as these in my classroom and have done so with our learners on many occasions. Inside the pack is a guide on how to successfully implement these activities in the Year 3-6 classroom.


· Blooms Matrix including 42 activities (paper and digital)

· Colour coded task cards for every activity

· BLM / worksheet guide for every grid activity

· Digital version of each activity + Teacher instructions and QR code poster for easy student access


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“This resource is fabulous! My Year 4 students will be so engaged and challenged. They’re going to be so excited to be doing another Rainbow Sky Creations activity” Beth

“Kids loved these, so easy to pick one as a morning exercise on the lead up to Christmas. Thank you!” Jasmine

“Thanks for a great resource. Very engaging in the last week of school before our holidays.” Dianne

“My students loved these! Thank you”Sheree


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