5. Discover 7 Ways For Students to Feel Valued


The research about how important it is to develop our students’ social and emotional learning is growing daily. How our students feel in the classroom is a big contributor to their success.

We know that when students feel secure and valued:

  • They form a deeper connection with you as their teacher / trusted adult
  • They are more likely to be ready and open to learning
  • Less conflict occurs in the classroom

Today, we chat about 7 things you can do that will help your students feel seen and valued:

  1. Greet students in the morning
  2. Ask questions about them
  3. Notice students strengths
  4. Showcase learning
  5. Appreciate them
  6. Dedicate a lesson to celebrate each other
  7. Create a class tradition or ritual


We hope these suggestions help you and your students. We would love to hear from you if you have success!


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